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Celebrity Gold: Who is Sporting the Expensive Stuff?

October 25, 2011

Celebrities are known for extravagant lifestyles and very expensive bling. When it comes to gold, which celebrities are sporting the really expensive stuff? One of the most expensive ways celebrities are sporting gold is with grills. Rappers and hip hop artists have been quick to sport flashy and expensive gold grills, with Flava Flav perhaps

Cyber Gold: Types of Gold Coins in Virtual Worlds

October 25, 2011

MMOs (massively multiplayer online games; also known as MMOGs) and RPGs (role playing games) are popular forms of entertainment for children and adults of all ages, worldwide. As any lover of RPGs and MMOs knows, the virtual world is filled with opportunities to get gold coins. Online guides abound with information about gold in the

Would You Risk It All In a Gold Rush?

October 25, 2011

Discovery Debuts New Season of “Gold Rush” October 28th. Should a family “risk it all” in order to strike it rich by mining for gold in Alaska?  With gold hitting new highs of over $1,600 dollars an ounce, and with the economy in a freefall, what is a family in peril to do? Todd Hoffman,

International Gold Stockpiles: Who has the most gold?

October 18, 2011

When people think of gold stockpiles, they tend to think first of Fort Knox. In the history of gold, no place is arguably more associated with gold than Fort Knox, unless the mythological El Dorado is counted. No one knows for sure how much gold Fort Knox has held or how much is there currently.

The Midas Touch: Celebrities Add Glamour to Gold and Gems

October 18, 2011

They date actors, have gigantic weddings, collect fancy real estate and cars, celebrities use their golden touch to embellish even already expensive and interesting items whether it is a bra or a piece of art. Here are some examples of celebrities who have amped up the fancy-factor on some basic items. The model Miranda Kerr

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