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Understanding the Meanings of Gold Quality Marks

April 2, 2013

by Alex Francis Hand-made, electroplated, 24-karat—we see these terms all the time in relation to gold. They find their way into advertisements, product descriptions, and even casual conversations. But have you ever taken the time to figure out what any of them really mean? It turns out that the Federal Trade Commission has strict regulations

Evidence of Illegal Gold Mining in Taiwan

March 7, 2013

Gold Mines

by Alex Francis     Photo by Tanya Hart | Flickr.com In the Jin Jiu area of New Taipei City, Taiwan, residents estimate that over $235,000 of gold has been stolen from mines in the past five years.   The area in question was a major gold-mining site in the years between the end of

Arizona Senate Approves Bill that would Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender

March 5, 2013

Cash for Gold Coins

  by Alex Francis Photo by tao_zhyn   On February 28, the Arizona Senate approved a bill that would make gold and silver legal tender throughout the state. While it would still have to pass through the House and be signed by Governor Jan Brewer (R) to become law, SB 1439 proposes giving privately minted

Ancient Gold Wreath Unearthed on the Site of a New Greek Subway

February 20, 2013

Gold Wreath

by Alex Francis Photo By mararie | Flickr.com In a place with as rich a history as Thessaloniki (the second-largest city in Greece), it is not surprising when ancient artifacts collide with industrial improvements. This time around, an excavation alongside the construction of a new subway system unearthed a gold wreath estimated to date back

Molecule Could Turn Water into Gold

February 7, 2013

Gold Nugget

  by Alex Francis Photo by Arabani | Flickr   Jesus turned water into wine, so could scientists soon turn water into gold? As crazy as it may sound, researchers have identified a type of bacteria that secretes a molecule that could produce gold nuggets out of seawater. Their findings were recently reported in the

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