gold coins

You may have heard a lot about cash for gold companies online, on TV and many other sources.  Perhaps this sounds appealing to you in many ways, after all, who doesn’t like a bit of extra money.  But when you look into the windy city of Chicago for your options you will want to make sure you are choosing the right company to sell your gold to.

When you begin your search in most cases you do not know the prices for gold.  When this occurs it can leave you vulnerable to getting ripped off from a company that does not give you fair market price.  So when you start you may want to do some research in your own hometown to see what is out there.

As you start to peruse the city of Chicago you will run into a lot of different local gold buyers.  There is RoyalsPaysCash on south Clark street, just to name one of their locations, where you can walk in and not only sell your gold but also diamonds if you have them.

You can also visit them online.  Or you may find yourself wandering into Chicago Pawn Brokers over on Madison.  Either way you can find out the prices for gold and what they will offer you for a fair market value.

You also have the option to do it all online from the Chicago area.  One of the highest rated companies out there nationwide is Cash for Gold USA.  They have a money back guaranty.  They also will take your diamonds or silver if you wish them to.

There are definitely many options when it comes to how you get cash for gold, but all equal money in your pocket.  Check out a local store in the Chicago area or visit for more information as to selling your gold from home.  The benefits are great and the bottom line is that you want to get the best local gold prices available to you.