Gold Party

It can get hot in Los Angeles and so can the options to sell your gold.  You may have some bling you are finished with and want to get some money out of it and that is when cash for gold companies can be your new networking contact to put money in your pocket.

Get what you want out of the cash you have.  Go local and go down to the local buyer or go online and get gold prices you can count on as being top dollar.  But price them out; as not everyone will give you the same price so you want to comparison shop at all times.

There are many places in LA to find buyers locally.  Diamond Gold Exchange on Melrose will give you a fair price as well as Cash 4 Gold on South Broadway.  There are many others who can look at the pieces you have and quote you a price.

The most important thing is to get several quotes before you sell.  If you feel pressured in any way and they say this is a ‘now or never’ type of deal move along.  In most of these cases they know if you go somewhere else you will realize you can get more for the gold you have.

If you are a tech head in LA and just want to go online and get the job done you will still want to compare prices.  But check out Cash for Gold USA.  Upon independent research and news reports on the subject they rated the highest for value of your gold given and customer satisfaction.

Their website, gives you a lot of information about them and how to sell your gold.  You have options and this is one good one.  Shop, compare and rate companies and sell your gold your way in LA.