Gold parties are the latest hot trend around the globe. The history of gold parties may not be very long, they only started growing in popularity over the past three years, but everyone already loves the concept. The newspapers and online resources are filled with gold party news because people want to take advantage of the high price of gold. At more than $1,500 an ounce, this precious metal is proving to be very profitable.

A gold ring brought to a gold party.

The History of Gold Parties

Information about gold parties has been available for several years, and the media has noticed a rise in this trend. Since 2007, the global economic recession has increased the value of gold and made attending a gold party an easy way to earn money. The price of gold has increased five times during the past decade, so gold parties have become an opportunity to earn money on jewelry most people never wear. The ability to instantly walk out of a gold party with cash attracted many to the concept.

Gold Party Resources

A gold party does not require a great amount of resources or planning. Many companies are willing to provide you with all the gold party resources you will need to make your event a success. The popularity of gold parties has increased dramatically among women, and they tend to host the greatest number of parties.

The process of hosting a gold party is simple. First, you find a reputable company that is offering their services and hire a gold buyer to come to your event. Most people hold gold parties in their homes and invite their friends or neighbors. A combination of food and drinks makes the parties more fun while everyone brings their unwanted gold. Then, the gold buyer will assess the jewelry and make an offer. The host of a gold party receives a commission that is usually about 10%, and the gold buyer, additionally takes a cut of about 10% of everything that is sold.

Money for gold jewelry.

You can get money for old gold jewelry.

Information About Gold Parties

There are many resources for information about gold parties. Some of the gold party news that circulates online tries to warn people about potential scams. If you know the host of the party, and they have hired a legitimate gold buyer, then there is nothing to fear. You are usually under no pressure to sell any jewelry if you are not satisfied with the price. A gold party can be an easy way to supplement your income and get rid of jewelry you will never wear again.


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