Of course, gold is highly regarded as one of the most precious metals in the world, and when most people think about gold, they think about jewelry, coins, and other items to cherish. However, there are others out there who have come up with the strangest ideas for utilizing gold, and thus, we have this list – the 5 most ridiculous uses of gold:

  1. Ice Cream Sundae. The most expensive ice cream sundae in the world, called the “Grand Opulence” is indeed made with gold. It was created to celebrate the 50thanniversary of Serendipity, a restaurant in Manhattan, and it sure made quite the publicity stunt. The sundae featured 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream that was infused with some Madagascar vanilla. The ice cream was then covered in 23k edible gold leaf, in addition to gold dragets. Some other ingredients included, piece of rare Chuao chocolate, a drizzle of Amedei Porceleana, some of the world’s most expensive chocolate, and exotic candied fruits from Paris. It was served in a Harcourt baccarat crystal goblet and came with an 18K spoon.A gold spoon for a gold sundae!
  2. Toilet. This certainly has to be one of the most ridiculous uses of gold. A toilet in the Hang Fung jeweler’s bathroom that is made of solid gold also features a 24K gold toilet. It was made when gold was worth just $200 per ounce, so at least the company could make money on their ridiculous creation that is now worth about $5 million.
  3. Champagne. Some of the world’s most expensive champagne is the Dom Perignon white Gold Jeroboam. This is a limited edition champagne that came in 3 liter bottles and was sold to commemorate the New Year in 2005. The champagne came in a bottle made entirely of white gold.
  4. USB Flash Drive. While many people use a USB flash drive each week for work or school, who would ever think to need one that outshines the rest in quite this ostentatious way? The world’s most expensive USB flash drive is easily also one of the most ridiculous uses of gold. It was made by White Lake and could be made with either 14K or 18K gold and it could even include diamonds if you wished. It costs around $2,800 without diamonds, or $3,5000 with diamonds.


    Can you imagine getting a gold bar out of an ATM?

  5. Gold Dispensing ATM. While this isn’t exactly a strange object made of gold, this sure is quite a peculiar usage of the precious metal. There is an ATM machine, called the Gold To Go ATM, that was created by Thomas Giessler, a German entrepreneur. This gold dispensing ATM is located in the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and dispenses gold as coins or bars that weigh up to 10 grams. The machine is updated every 10 minutes to have the most current conversion rates.