Everyone in the world loves jewelry, especially precious metals and stones. Something many people love even more than jewelry is learning about others’ jewelry, and wishing they could afford it. This top 10 Most Expensive Gold Jewelry in the world list offers some very surprising – and expensive –gold pieces. While they are not all solid gold, they do contain at least one type of gold and are ordered from highest to lowest retail price.

Gold Bullet Necklace $3,000+: These Gold bullet necklaces are custom made starting at $3,000. They have no price ceiling because they can be made of anything including solid 14 karat white gold with diamonds and amethysts, yellow gold and pure diamonds, or any combination, making these necklaces possibly the most expensive.

William Goldberg Gold Set Diamond Necklace $2 million: This brilliantly crafted diamond and gold necklace is set in 18 karat yellow gold and features diamonds with a total weight of 45 karats.

Chanel D-Flawless White Gold, Pearl and Diamond Watch: $1.9 million: This fascinatingly expensive watch is made from 18-karat white gold, 35.1 karats of diamonds, and cultured pearls.

Panther Brooch by House of Cartier $ 1.1 million: This brooch made by Cartier is also one of the rarest pieces in the world. Made with 18 karat white gold and solid platinum, this brooch with a huge price also contains a cornucopia of precious stones including a Ceylon sapphire, Cabochon sapphires, over 600 diamonds and two very large emeralds.

Bulgari Multicolor Gold Set Sapphire and Diamond Necklace $1,050,000: This stunning necklace features multicolored sapphires and diamonds totaling over 66 carats, and is set in 18 karat gold.

Girard Perregaux Opera Three Musical Hours Watch $420k: This 18 karat white gold watch is made with an alligator strap, crystals and sapphires. This watch is also water resistant!

gold necklace

Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Watch $387,200 : Made to be worn daily, this watch is made with 18 karat rose gold.

Jean Schlumberger Dahlia clip Tiffany & Company $275,000: This beautiful clip is made from 18 karat gold and features a large emerald, diamonds and platinum all resembling a flower.

Most Expensive Gold Shoes: While they are not the most expensive shoes in the world, they are the most expensive shoes containing gold. Costing $223 622 when they were released in April of 2011, these shoes are made from diamonds and solid gold. Made by designer Christopher Michael Shellis, these shoes also contain 30 carats in diamonds.

Barbie Jewelry $85,000 : The most expensive Barbie of all time features an 18 karat white gold jewelry and 160 diamonds, but you cannot wear the jewelry, Barbie wears it! Made by famous diamond and jewelry maker De Beers, this Barbie doll was valued at $85,000 when it was released on Barbie’s 40th anniversary.

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