When it comes to jewelry, some of the most beautiful and expensive pieces have been crafted from gold. White gold and yellow gold are the primary choices for pieces that showcase all that this scintillating jewelry was intended to signify. Some of the pieces listed here have some historical value; some are simply breathtaking works of art.

The Chopard Blue Diamond Ring showcases the rarest color diamond in the world with a white diamond emblazoned, 18 karat white gold band. The ring’s value of $16.26 million makes each carat of the blue diamond worth about $1.7 million per carat.

Panther bracelet from the Wallis collection. AP photo

The Cartier Panther or Panthere, as it is sometimes spelled, is a design originated for Wallis Simpson, the woman whose love kept Edward VIII from taking the thrown of England in the 1940s. The first piece was a brooch made of a white-gold-and-platinum mix, encrusted in diamonds and mounted on a 152.35-carat Kashmir sapphire cabochon. Another piece, a panther bracelet with paws that flex to allow a comfortable fit recently sold at a Sotheby’s auctions for $12.5 million. The ‘big cats’ of Simpson’s collection were all designed by Cartier and are worth a fortune.

Buccellati of Italy created the star collection, a name that derives from the starburst pattern of the necklace and erring set. The set is made with more than 1,700 white and yellow diamonds totalling 22.7 carats set in 18 karat gold. It also has 20 pieces of Imperial Jade making the set worth $1.4 million.

A William Goldberg diamond necklace is set with 45 carats worth of stones in a brilliant 18 karat yellow gold. The simple design from New York’s Fifth Avenue designer is worth $2 million.

Bulgari Multicolor Gold Set Sapphire and Diamond Necklace retails for $1,050,000. It has an open work, tapered bib design covered in multi-colored sapphires and a series of various cuts of diamonds all mounted in an 18 karat gold frame.

buccellati jewelry

Beautiful Buccellati jewel necklace.

From the house of Chanel, comes the Chanel D-Flawless White Gold, Pearl and Diamond Watch, from the Privee Collection. The 18 karat white gold band is adorned with 120 pearls and 133 diamonds. That’s a lot of bling for telling the time and costs just $1.9 million.

The Novo Yellow Diamond Ring is among the priciest of gold rings available. Front and center is the commanding 25.27 carat yellow diamond centerpiece set in a combination of platinum and yellow gold. Available from Tiffany’s, this will only set you back $1.35 million.

Panther Brooch by House of Cartier has a retail value of $ 1.1 million but would likely sell today for much more because of its historical significance. This was the first in the panther series designed by Cartier for Edward VIII to give to Wallis Simpson. The 18 karat gold piece is adorned with a Ceylon sapphire, Cabochon sapphires, over 600 diamonds and two very large emeralds.

For a piece you could wear every day but probably wouldn’t want to, try the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers – Repetition Skeleton Minutes Men’s Wristwatch. With an open face design that lets you see the clockwork inside, this attractive piece, made of 18 karat rose gold, retails for $387,000.

The Bullet Necklace is a custom made pendant that can vary in price depending upon the grade of gold, the caliber of the bullet and the type of gemstones added. Anything from a8 karat white gold to yellow gold and just about any gemstone or combination of gemstones desired can be added. Basic bullets start at about $3000 and the high end is limited only by your imagination and budget.

Wallis Simpson Panther Jewels
Buccellati set
Goldberg Diamond Necklace