Gold is a treasured precious metal. In fact, yellow gold is one of the most coveted precious metals that is worn for jewelry, but platinum is the most expensive. Nevertheless, while everyone knows what yellow gold looks like, many do not know white gold when they see it, as most will mistake it for silver or platinum. White gold is usually a compound of silver or rhodium and gold. Many people also do not know what rose gold looks like, let alone that it even exists. Also called Russian Gold, rose gold is made from gold and copper, so it is also a compound or alloy, and not true gold.

A white and rose gold pendant.

Popularity & Price
The latest information about gold states that white and rose gold are not as popular or as expensive as yellow gold. Nevertheless, while there is no doubt that yellow gold is by far the most popular of all the gold types, its counterparts, white gold and rose gold, are beginning to catch up in popularity – and price. White gold is not too far behind in popularity. The beautiful colors of white and rose gold are still worth investing in, though, and with good reason – the price of all types of gold are climbing at an extraordinary rate. The white and rose not as much as the yellow, but it is still climbing nonetheless.

White Gold and Rose Gold Jewelry
Because it looks like platinum, and because white gold is much more valuable than silver, many people have begun to wear white gold in many forms, such as earrings, rings, and necklaces. In fact, many white gold engagement and wedding rings are sold these days. There are many online gold resources available that offer information about white and rose gold. The latest gold news talks about how rose gold has an appeal as vintage jewelry. This is because rose gold has a pink hue to it, and sometimes can even appear so dark that it almost looks as if it is made from bronze that has been painted with a transparent pink gloss. Rose gold makes beautiful necklaces, especially when paired with both yellow and white gold to make tri-colored jewelry. Some people love having all three colors of gold in jewelry because it makes it very attractive, and matches more skin tones than yellow, rose or white gold alone do.

white gold rhodium plated ring

A white gold ring.

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