Money for gold jewelry.

Two things that add to the value of any gold jewelry is the person who designed the piece, and when the piece was designed.

The history of gold jewelry is always considered when pricing its value. Gold jewelry, especially when the jewelry is being auctioned, as the older the jewelry is, the more colorful its history, the higher a price it will fetch. The same is true of the person who designed the piece, as the better known the designer, the higher the price the piece will fetch. Three of the most infamous of all gold jewelry designers include:

Tiffany & Co.: In business for more than 166 years, this very well known famous jewelry company employed designer Jean Schlumberger, an influential designer. This designer’s gold history includes having designed Jacqueline Kennedy’s gold bangle bracelets, in addition to designing some of the most popular pieces of jewelry in the world. This famous designer worked with Tiffany & Co. from 1956 on.

Pomellato: This Italian gold and jewelry company founded by Pino Rabolini is based in Milan, Italy and has been in business since 1967. Quickly making a name by offering some of the most innovative gold and diamond jewelry ever created, the company rose to the number four jewelry designer in all of Europe. The designers of Pomellato are famous for conceptualizing “everyday jewelry” that anyone could wear at any time, and turned it into an instant fashion trend. Since then, the company and its designers continue to make some of the finest gold jewelry in the world.

BVLGARI (Bulgari S.P.A.): Yet another Italian jewelry company, the Bulgari legend traces back to early 19th century Greece. Founded by Sotirio Boulgaris, Bulgari originally worked with gold, but later expanded its operations to include perfume sales and high fashion. Today, it is one of the most recognizable names in gold information and jewelry in the world.

Bulgari necklace

Beautiful Bulgari necklace.

All three of these gold jewelry companies have at one time employed some of the greatest and famous gold designers in the world. These designers helped make the companies famous. You never know, you might just have a famous designer’s piece, which will fetch you an even greater price for your gold than if the piece were simply gold.

But if your gold jewelry isn’t Tiffany or Bvlgari, don’t worry, you can still sell the piece for the price of the gold. For the best gold information and gold news about these companies, and to be able to exchange your gold for cash, then is the gold resource you need. Offering the best prices available for your unwanted of broken jewelry, can mail your check for cash within two weeks.

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