gold bars stacked

Gold is more than just a valuable metal to own and something pretty to look at. While you can get cash for gold and sell gold online, there are other things you can do with gold, too. Gold has been used in food, drink, clothing and facials in some very creative and unique ways.

Anyone who has watched one of the many chef competition tv shows has seen many amazing concoctions created that use edible gold. This type of edible gold has the E food number of 175, if you want to check your nutrition labels! The edible gold comes in leafing, flakes and dust and is usually used as a decorative element for stunning edible creations.

gold leaf in jar

Gold leafing adds a rich element to desserts and drinks.

Other modern uses of edible gold have been featured in gold news with headline-making food items created around the world that cost thousands of dollars, due in part to their use of gold. Some chefs have worked hard to create the most expensive bagel, ice cream sundae or other food item and have used expensive ingredients and some form of edible gold in them in order to achieve that goal.

There are many recipes for food and beverages that use edible gold, and there are many edible gold resources for ordering it. Additionally, metallic gold can be found in some alcoholic drinks such as Goldschläger, allowed because it is relatively chemically inert.

The use of edible gold did not start with creative modern chefs, however. In the history of gold, gold flakes, leafing and dust were used in Medieval times in Europe in food and drink as a decorative element for nobility.

Not only did this gold show off the nobleman’s wealth, but the inspiration for using it is believed to have come about due to a philosophy that something as beautiful as gold must naturally also be beneficial to health.

In clothing, gold has been made into thread which is then used in beautiful embroidery. This embroidery is found on various items of clothing, including pieces worn by celebrities and royalty.

Gold has even become popular to use in spas, as facial treatments. In the treatment, gold leaf is applied like a mask and is said to help fight wrinkles, firm skin and create a healthy glow. The process is not new, however. Cleopatra was rumored to have used gold mask treatments, as is the Chi’ing dynasty queen. In India, gold facials are part of the Ayurveda healing art.

As you can see, this information about gold shows that there are many uses for this valuable metal that goes beyond monetary considerations. Though the use of it can give an impression of wealth or status, it is also used promote health and beauty.



Chocolate gold covered coins. Evan-Amos. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons.

Gold leaf in vial. W. Olsen. Creative Commons Atribution-Share Alike 3.0 unported license. Wikimedia Commons.