Cash for Gold Options in Newark, New Jersey

A tea set made from sterling silver, something that you can sell to an online silver buyer such as Cash for Gold USA.

Walking down Broad Street in Newark NJ fills your eyes with hundreds of local retailers, food shops, and more, including one of the largest pawnbrokers in New Jersey, Rich & Son Pawnbroker and Jeweler. Most cash for gold shops seem small, outdated, or just out to give you as little cash for your gold as possible.

Not only was Rich & Son established in 1890 – making it one of the oldest and largest pawnbrokers and Newark, NJ gold buyers in the area – but it is also more than just a place to buy and sell gold jewelry. Rich & Son is also a well-known and respected pawn loan shop, place to buy and sell diamonds, and has offered its customers the best prices in the area for these items.

The procedure that Rich & Son uses for exchanging your gold for cash is simple, and they have been using it for years. Simply bring in the gold and other jewelry that you want to exchange for cash. This jewelry can be anything, unwanted jewelry, broken gold and silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces – anything – and Rich & Son employees will weight it. Then, based on the closing market price of the day before, Rich & Son offers a price for the gold and other jewelry you have brought in to sell.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a loan for your gold jewelry and it is gold jewelry that you eventually want back, then because Rich & Son is also a pawn loaner, taking it to the shop means you can borrow some money without having to sell your precious jewelry. As with any loan pawnbroker, Rich & Son will offer you a lower price for your gold and other jewelry if you decide take a loan, but the difference is that you have the option of getting that jewelry back.

Again, simply bring in the jewelry that you want to “loan” to the shop; the Rich & Son employees weight it and offer you a price for a loan. Then, when you want to pick it up and pay off the loan, you pay back the amount they gave you plus interest and fees for financing, which usually amounts to about 10 percent of the loan amount no matter with which pawn loan shop you take that jewelry.

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