Cash for Gold Raleigh, North Carolina

gold jewelry laying in a small pile

Most people have seen the many cash for gold advertisements on television and on the Internet. While sending in your unwanted and broken gold and other jewelry to these places is certainly convenient, what can they do to help you if you need that money right away? This is why some residents of Raleigh, NC prefer to go to local pawnbrokers and other Raleigh, NC gold buyers that can give them cash for gold on the spot without having to wait two weeks for a check.

One great cash for gold Raleigh, NC shop is the National Pawn, which is on the outskirts of Raleigh, but still accessible easily from any major area. Offering Raleigh, NC residents a full service pawn broker and financing shop and services, National Pawn uses the same procedures that any other pawn shop does when customers want cash for gold.

If you are a Raleigh, NC resident and want to exchange your gold for cash at this Raleigh, NC gold buyers, then here is what you have to do:

  • Collect all your unwanted gold, silver, diamonds, and any other jewelry made with precious metals and precious stones. Put these items in a safe place, such as a lockbox that you can bring with you.
  • Take it to National Pawn. Here, the employees will test it to determine if the gold, silver, and other jewelry is indeed real. If it is, they will weigh it.
  • After weighing the jewelry, they calculate the price they are willing to pay you. This price is based on the previous day’s closing market price for that specific precious metal or stone, minus a commission fee.
  • Once they offer you a price, you can either accept or reject it. Most pawnshops such as National Pawn do not charge you for a quote.
  • If you accept the price, then they will ask for your ID. This must be a state issued ID with your photo on it.

If you have accepted the price and given the National Pawn employee your state issued identification, then that pretty much seals the deal. You get cash for gold and silver, among other items; they get your gold and silver, and everyone walks away happy. Yes, it really is this easy to get cash for gold, especially if you decide to go to National Pawn, a great cash for gold Raleigh, NC shop.

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