Celebrities are known for extravagant lifestyles and very expensive bling. When it comes to gold, which celebrities are sporting the really expensive stuff?

One of the most expensive ways celebrities are sporting gold is with grills. Rappers and hip hop artists have been quick to sport flashy and expensive gold grills, with Flava Flav perhaps being one of the most famous for them. Though grills can cost up to $150,000, that price range generally includes diamonds.

Lindsay Lohan was seen with a pair of gold handcuffs valued at approximately $820 hanging from her rear view mirror. Gold handcuff bracelets have been getting some notice, with LeAnn Rimes seen in London sporting one. Angelina Jolie was also seen, prior to LeAnn, wearing one, but hers was attached to her gold clutch bag. She also has a love for snakes, which has been reflected in a gold slithering snake ring she has been seen wearing.

The ladies aren’t the only ones sporting gold accessories. Hip Hop artist and producer Pharrell Williams is the proud owner of both an 18-karat gold-plated Blackberry and a solid gold Blackberry. He also has an 18-karat gold-plated iPhone. No word on how much his decked-out phones cost, but a 24-karat gold-plated iPhone 3G was listed on eBay for $1500 in 2009.

Brad Pitt has been seen in $580 18-karat Dolce & Gabbana Gold Edition sunglasses. But, that isn’t his only gold accessory. He has also been snapped wearing a gold Rolex Oyster Day-Date watch. He isn’t the only celebrity who likes gold Rolex watches. Reese Witherspoon, James Gandolfini and Jessica Simpson all own one, too, in different styles.

gold rolex watch

What happens when celebrities tire of their gold? Some give it to charity or get cash for gold to give to charity by putting the item up for auction. Another option is to use any of the many abundant gold resources  in order to get information about gold so as to find out how best to sell gold online.

Across all of the history of gold, some of the most famous gold news has involved celebrities or other elites giving gifts of gold, wearing gold or using gold in some new, creative and sometimes outrageous manner.

Celebrity attraction for all things flashy and our attraction for all things celebrity will continue to bring us more fascinating uses for gold that inspire our own purchases or astonish us with the ostentatious nature of it.