pile of gold coins

MMOs (massively multiplayer online games; also known as MMOGs) and RPGs (role playing games) are popular forms of entertainment for children and adults of all ages, worldwide.

As any lover of RPGs and MMOs knows, the virtual world is filled with opportunities to get gold coins. Online guides abound with information about gold in the virtual world and the methods involved in adding to the ante. Meanwhile, many experienced MMO and RPG players have discovered their own tips and tricks for keeping gold coins stockpiled. Though some games have their own names for items such as gold coins, many stick with the term gold coins.

World of Warcraft (WOW)

In World of Warcraft (WOW), the gold coins may also be called gold pieces or g. Though it can be very time consuming, gold farming in World of Warcraft is considered by some to be a great way to earn gold. This method of collecting gold coins is popular with newbies and expert players, alike, though results vary from player to player.


The gold coins in Runescape are also called gold pieces and gp. One online guide for Runescape suggests ranging iron dragons as a means of adding gold coins to the stockpile. Though not a very effective method for those at lower levels, even they can get lucky if they have everything that is needed to utilize this trick. The payoff for using this trick can range from 6,000 to 210,000 coins.

Second Life

In this popular MMO, players can buy equipment from the Second Life Mining Corporation in order to find gold that is hidden around the game in the ground. Of course, the gold isn’t real virtual gold, but some newer players get taken in by the prospect.

Super Hero Squad Online

A popular MMOG for the younger audience, Super Hero Squad Online makes it fairly easy to collect silver coins, but obtaining gold coins can be a little more difficult. A few ways to snag some gold coins include creating a new account, subscribing to the email (bonus code giveaways; freebies) and becoming a Junior SHIELD agent either through a special promo code or purchased membership.

Gold News: Virtual Players Sell Gold Online

Headlines have been made with news of RPG and MMO players shelling out real money in order to buy items in virtual games. Sometimes frowned upon or even considered to be illegal, the practice has benefited some players who have been able to obtain real cash for gold of the virtual world by selling it and other virtual treasures on sites such as eBay, which considers the practice to be a violation of their terms. Using such tactics is not recommended.


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