How to Get Cash for Gold: Detroit, Michigan

Broken gold jewelry pieces and scrap gold items on top of several $100 bills

In the Motor City there are many people who understand that when hard times hit some creativity may be required to raise cash. One method for raising cash in Detroit, Michigan is to sell gold jewelry and other gold items. Detroit is not just home to Motown and Greektown; it is also home to multiple opportunities for raising cash quickly.

When seeking cash for gold, Detroit, Michigan is home to multiple pawn shops that can be utilized, including one featured on a reality television series. Pawn shops can be a great place to get quick cash for gold. Pawn shops offer the option of selling the gold outright or pawning it, which is an interest-bearing loan given to the customer, with the gold items being used as collateral.

When selling items to pawn brokers, it should be noted that you cannot get full resell value of your items because the pawn brokers will need to be able to resell them at a profit. You can still get a good price, but it may not be as much as you hoped for.

Another option for getting cash for gold is to sell it and other items in a garage sale or yard sale. While garage sales and yard sales can be a great way to get full resell value, you need to have the right buyer show up during the sale with cash on hand. There is also a risk of theft when selling gold at a yard sale or garage sale.

For some, finding Detroit, Michigan gold buyers online is the way to go. When looking for a gold buyer online, it is important to do a little homework first, to make sure that the buyer has a reputation for honesty and good offers on gold purchases.

A good method for finding the right gold buyer online is to read reviews and then contact several of them to get quotes. Compare the quotes and how authoritatively each responded with information about your items and the reasons for their quotes. Selling your gold to online gold buyers can be a great option, if you find the right online gold buyer.

Online gold buyers will buy more than gold jewelry, so that leaves you more options for raising cash. Some will buy items that have gold components in them, so be sure to get a list of what gold items and gold-containing items they may buy. You may find a way to get rid of some clutter around the house such as broken jewelry and old electronics that pays off nicely.

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