How to Get Cash for Your Gold in New York, New York

hand holding cash in front of pile of gold jewelry

Do you need cash for bills, college costs, for the kids or just want some fun money? The Big Apple offers some great ways to get cash for gold. Times Square and Broadway help make New York great, but they aren’t the only things that do. Having so many opportunities for legally earning quick cash is a benefit of New York, too.

New York, New York gold buyers may find themselves needing to sell some of their gold items in order to raise quick cash. With a little effort and creative thinking, such a goal can be accomplished in short order.

When looking for quick cash for gold, New York pawn shops are an option many turn to. Pawn shops are abundant in New York City and allow consumers more than one option for getting quick cash. The first option is to sell your gold outright. Not all gold items will be purchased, as pawn shops need to be able to resell items for a profit. If you have broken gold jewelry or flawed gold items, they may not take them or may offer a deeply lowered price for them.

The second option with pawn shops is to simply pawn your gold. This means you use your gold as collateral and the pawn broker give you an interest-bearing loan in return. Once the loan is paid off you can reclaim your gold.

Whether you pawn or sell your gold to a pawn shop, you may not get the price you are hoping for because they cannot give you full resale value. They are a business and must be able to make a profit on the items they buy and then resell. This applies to your pawned items as well, because if you default on your loan, they will need to be able to make a profit on the item that was pawned when they sell it.

Another way to get cash for the gold you have bought and accumulated over the years is to sell it via ads placed in newspapers and online. This method comes with some possible problems as con artists troll these sources, looking for people to victimize. If you place an ad, you may be able, in time, to find a buyer willing to pay your asking price, but you may also have to deal with scammers, too. Never give out your home address or meet with a potential buyer alone. Advertising that you have gold can put you at risk for theft, so use caution when selling this way.

An option for selling gold that is picking up in popularity is to sell it to online gold buying companies. Not all such companies are the same, so it pays off to research them first and to get quotes from multiple companies before selling your gold to any of them.

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