They date actors, have gigantic weddings, collect fancy real estate and cars, celebrities use their golden touch to embellish even already expensive and interesting items whether it is a bra or a piece of art. Here are some examples of celebrities who have amped up the fancy-factor on some basic items.
custom gold smartphone

The model Miranda Kerr is famous for strutting the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret and being married to accomplished actor Orlando Bloom. Now, she is adding her sexy glow by wearing a blinged-out $2.5 million diamond-studded bra. It will be an aqua-colored Fantasy Treasure Bra, designed in part by Long Island’sLondon Jewelers – and includes more than 142 carats of white and yellow sparklers, which will adorn her chest kate moss statue


Another interesting celebrity gold story is the sculpture of supermodel Kate moss doing a contorted yoga position made out of 24 karat gold?  Marc Quinn’s “Microcosmos (Siren)” sculpture (2008) sold recently in England for 577, 250 pounds or about $908, 245 American dollars at a Sotheby’s auction. Imagine having the burnished beauty, made of almost pure gold, practicing an asana in your living room?

Are you a huge Apple fan? Everyone has loved their Macs, iPads and now you can get an iPhone made out of pure gold! Adds a new meaning to the idea of being dirty rich huh? The phone by British retailer Stuart Hughes is 22 carat gold with diamonds and sells for approximately $34,168. It adds to meaning to needing to take a call! They also do “bespoke” work on iPads, laptops, aquariums, cars and gaming consoles, if you are in the market.

What about adding diamonds to a handbag? Chanel who has featured many celebrities as the company’s “face” such as Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightly. The alligator bags features 334 diamonds totaling 3.56 karats and an 18 karat white gold frame. Not bad for $261,000? The purse probably needs its own security guard!

Adding a new turn on the word “model” is the Lamorghini Aventador, which was created by Robert Gulpen for a cost of at least 1.7 million British pounds (about 2.66 million dollars). The model has gold tire rims that have been cast in gold, and the interior is made of platinum with diamond studded seats and steering wheel. When the car goes up for auction it is expected to fetch a much higher price than its actual production cost and just go up from there, since it is obviously more of a collector’s item and piece of art than an actual mode of transportation!

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