Broken gold jewelry pieces and scrap gold items

Discovery Debuts New Season of “Gold Rush” October 28th. Should a family “risk it all” in order to strike it rich by mining for gold in Alaska?  With gold hitting new highs of over $1,600 dollars an ounce, and with the economy in a freefall, what is a family in peril to do? Todd Hoffman, the father and head miner of the operation saw little else to try. As he stated to “I don’t qualify for unemployment. I’m not even on the radar for any of that type of stuff. For guys like me, that’s not even an option. Thank heavens it isn’t, because it’s killing our country. You have to get out there and make something happen.”

Hoffman, a former aviation worker, pooled $250,000 from friends and family into the mining venture, but in the first season Hoffman and his family only found about $20,000 in gold.  But the dream of becoming a successful gold miner has not stopped. Hoffman still hopes he can strike it rich and support his family.

Well it does make for dramatic television. The show brings in 3 million viewers per week, and the audience has been rooting for the Gold Rush/ Hoffman family to make it and see a return on their hard work. The harsh weather of Alaska and the desire for the “little guys” to make it despite their challenges is a very American story. With the current 9.1% unemployment rate suggesting a “double dip” recession many families are struggling to make ends meet.

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While mining for gold may make good tv, it doesn’t necessarily make the best business. For sure profits and some extra holiday money, send your gold in for cash and leave the mining to the professionals.