hand holding cash in front of pile of gold jewelry

With the price of gold reaching an all-time high and the American dollar falling to a three-year low, now may seem like an opportune moment to trade in that old gold jewelry while it’s still worth something, and put the cash straight into the bank for safe keeping. Some are considering gold to be a commodity among the ranks of gasoline and coal, which has resulted in investors turning towards gold as a relatively safe investment. There are many gold buyers interested in buying gold jewelry, but which is the best for you?

Since gold is currently so valuable, many worry that they won’t be getting the money they deserve from the variety of companies with “we buy gold” as their motto’s who advertise everywhere from the radio to your computer screen. Sure, they may buy gold, but are they buying gold at the price you want? Will they rip you off and keep half the money for themselves? Are these businesses ethical in their practices, or simply looking for their next victim? In today’s economy, when everyone is looking for the easiest way to make money, consumers must be responsible in who they choose to take part with in a gold to cash transaction.

For new gold sellers, or even those who have had trouble finding safe gold buyers in the past, making the right decisions and protecting themselves against fraud is a key component of the process. It may not seem like these companies are on your side, and a lot of their claims may seem “too good to be true.” Sending gold through the mail may seem risky. If you decide to take the risk, how are you supposed to track your gold in the mail and ensure it’s safe arrival at it’s destination?

CashforGoldUSA.com realizes the consumer may not trust gold buyers and may be hesitant about selling their gold. Our goal is to help you make the right decision, and we take into consideration your feelings by offering a tracking number once your gold is in the mail, we offer insurance, and take customer satisfaction very seriously. Because, after all, with gold being as valuable as it is in today’s current market, the gold seller should be the one in demand.