american dollars and jewelry

Living in the beautiful state of North Carolina means that you are living near the beaches and other great places to take your kids to so they can have some fun while you are distressing, but what if you need a bit of extra cash while you are there?

If you want a beach vacation but don’t quite have the money to make it a reality, a great idea would be to visit Charlotte, NC gold buyers and get cash for gold that is broken or unwanted. An even easier way is to get a Gold Pak online at Cash for Gold USA. All you have to do is place your unwanted, broken, or unneeded gold into the envelope and throw it in the mail. It is that easy!

In order to make sure your gold isn’t fools gold,  test the precious metals to make sure they are real. The one way of doing this is by adding a drop of an acid solution to the jewelry in an inconspicuous place. Because the side will turn a different color if it is not real, then adding it to an inconspicuous place allows you to continue wearing it if it is indeed fake and cannot be sold. If the jewelry is real, then the acid does nothing, and you can exchange the jewelry for cash. Once you know for sure, you can contact a cash for gold store online or visit a Charlotte, NC shop if you determine it is real, they will weigh it and determine how much it is worth based on the previous day’s closing market prices.