Gold bars and stock market

With gold prices literally breaking ten-year highs, many Americans are realizing they can make a lot of money with small amounts of broken, scrap or even unwanted gold jewelry. Time magazine recently profiled “urban gold panner” Raffi Stepanian, who combs New York City’s Diamond district streets and sidewalks for overlooked diamonds, gold and rubies. The amusing story shows Stepanian’s method for scraping down the sidewalk cracks for gold links, jewels, precious gold dust and flakes that have been left behind by jewelers who have dropped the tiny jewels that are unseen by most pedestrians.

With an eagle eye, Stepanian scrubs the streets and takes his small haul home in order to separate the dirt and stones from the precious materials. Viewers are aghast as he pulls a tiny glittering diamond out of the dust, faceted and beautiful, worth about 30 dollars on the open market due to the fact that it is already cut and polished. Back at his home, Stepanian shows off his method of gold panning for the little flecks of the precious metal that sinks to the bottom of the murky water. Later, he pulls out a plastic bag of gold dust that he believes is worth a few thousand dollars.

If an enterprising gentleman can find gold and diamonds on the hard streets of New York City, just think of what the average consumer can find in their own house! With gold prices at an all time high, now is the time to look through your drawers for gold to turn into quick cash. With prices over 1,700 an ounce it takes just a few pieces to get a nice check in the mail. For all of your cash for gold needs try for free FedEx shipping, a price guarantee, and some of the highest payouts in the precious metals industry!