Lady Gaga

When we think of celebrities we often think of gold: Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammys. But many celebrities take gold to another level through fashion. On New Year’s Eve 2012, Lady Gaga celebrated with Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City’s Times Square, changing her wardrobe many times throughout the night. On one of these occasions, she slipped on an audacious gold dress. On the west coast, in Hollywood, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas rocked out in a gold mini-dress with large gold sparkly panels for Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve. She then is reported to have jetted off to Las Vegas to host another party.

But where does this desire to go gold come from and what is the history of celebrities sporting a luxe gold look? Perhaps it comes from Goldfinger? In 1964 Shirley Eaton played Bond Girl Jill Masterson outshining other Bond Girls such as Pussy Galore. In the film, Bond Girl Jill Masterson is killed by Goldfinger, where she is found covered with gold paint, this leads her to asphyxiate due to skin poisoning. In another strange gold body paint story, pictures of former model Anna Nicole Smith have come to light that were taken before her 2007 death. In the photos, Mrs. Smith is naked and pregnant covering her breasts with her hands. She did it as a promotion for online gambling casino,, which is stenciled on her body.

gold Marilyn Monroe dress

Gold Marilyn Monroe dress on

If you want to wear a dress to signify bringing wealth and happiness to your life in 2012, here is a very reasonable option. On there is a gorgeous gold “bombshell” dress made in the retro “Marilyn Monroe” type style. Anyone wearing this halter-style gold dress will immediately feel like a superstar and ooze sex appeal!

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