gold necklace

Everyone knows how valuable gold is for the jewelry industry, as gold has retained its beauty and status as a precious and popular metal over the centuries.  But what most people may not realize is that gold will soon have an entirely different applicability in the near future- one completely removed from the world of designer bracelets and custom rings! Gold has been taken out of the crafty hands of the metal designer and placed underneath the microscopic lens, in order to discover its utility to power rubber circuit boards. You may have some pretty swanky gold jewelry yourself, but surely you do not have the remarkable gold that researchers from Cambridge University have recently created! Time to sell your gold to Cash for Gold USA and make room for this new “stretchable gold” in your collection.

The future of electronics continues to evolve, as science churns out crazier and more innovative technology we never before imagined possible. The crucial ingredient in the future of bendy electronics is none other than our beloved, glimmering, stretchable, and most importantly, electrically-conductive gold. Gold’s new purposefulness, outside of jewelry design and earning Cash for Gold USA, has been uncovered. Gold is useful in the realm of electronics as it can bend with the rubber it’s printed on. University of Cambridge’s very own Nanoscience Center and engineering researcher, Ingrid Graz, has worked on creating this type of gold for many months now, and her research is finally being presented, complete with images and video of the malleable gold’s beautiful appearance on a microscopic level.

The fact that this stretchable gold was created is fascinating in itself and might just make Cleopatra burn with envy that her own gold collection does not contain such a rare metal!

Now the gold resting unused and unwanted, crammed in the back of your jewelry box, in order to make room for your new gold purchases, may not be quite as exciting as this phenomenon of stretchable gold. In fact, it positively pales in comparison, remaining dull and far from glittering, like this stretchable gold in its golden sphere of innovation. Any unwanted or out of date gold lying around your house, clearly turning into a relic of the past, is simply going to waste, especially when you could profit and get cash for your gold by selling it to a company like Cash for Gold USA.