Ever wonder how your best gal pal pulls off that giant gold spider necklace while you’re still too shy to wear your much quieter peacock feather earrings out of the house? We’ve all been there, standing in front of the mirror, taking the piece of jewelry in question off, putting it back on, and asking over and over, “is this too much?”

Don’t worry, I bet your best gal pal did the same thing this very morning. But the reason she looks great, even though the giant gold spider necklace probably is too much, is because she’s wearing it right. Below is a list of suggestions for wearing all of those gold impulse purchases you’ve been hiding in your closet for years.

Tip 1: It all comes down to good taste

Gaudy Gold Jewelry can Work!It may sound like an oxymoron, but you want to seek out tasteful gaudy gold jewelry. Weed out any tarnished, chipped, tacky, or arcade prize gold jewelry from your jewelry box; these pieces are just taking up space in your collection. Make extra cash by selling your distasteful (but real) gold jewelry to a pawn shop or reputable online cash for gold dealer, like Cash for Gold USA. When seeking out new gaudy gold jewelry, look for pieces with a sense of art to them, pieces which are handcrafted, original, symbolic, ironic, or curious. Remember: a great vintage piece (mostly by virtue of being vintage) is always tasteful, so shop around your local thrift stores.

Tip 2: Juxtapose with simplicity

When you’re making a bold jewelry statement, you want to keep your outfit simple. Avoid fabrics with bold patterns (like plaid or paisley) and striking textures (like velvet or sequined). Black and white solids look amazing with gold, as do forest greens, deep purples, and bright, royal, and navy blues. Look how cute those turquoise nails go with the gold and turquoise ring! The best part: you can make a comfy t-shirt and jeans look couture with a single piece of gaudy jewelry and some heels.

Tip 3: Keep additional accessorizing to a minimum

If you’re going to wear some gold bling around your neck, you’ll probably want to tone down your other accessories. A general rule of thumb: choose one gaudy gold piece per outfit. If you absolutely insist on going bold with other accessories, stick to oversized purses or sunglasses, rather than other jewelry. Not only will these items balance out your fashion weight, but they can be set off to the side in more low key settings.

Tip 4: Don’t Clash Styles

Joan Holloway and Classy GoldIf you’re going to wear a Joan Holloway retro style long gold pen necklace, why not imitate her waist-accentuating vibrant sixties fashion? Or if you’re flaunting some exotic style bling, why not go for an ethnic-inspired look? Please resist any urges to pair a gold Grecian laurel necklace with a seventies-style suit or an Oriental gold dragon bracelet with high-waited, 50’s-style shorts.

Tip 5: Wear with confidence

Of all the secrets to wearing gaudy gold jewelry, being confident in your fashion choices is most critical. Of course, that means choosing gaudy gold jewelry that you love and love to flaunt, “too much” or not. Just look at Ms. Holloway, for example. While she may not be as thin as her celebrity counterparts, there’s no such thing as too much Christina Hendricks. Chest high, bling bold, no one is going to doubt her gaudy gold choices. Of course, if that gold jewelry doesn’t work out in the end, you can always sell it with Cash for Gold USA!

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