White and Yellow GoldWhile yellow gold may have been popular in our parents’ days, the occurrence of yellow gold engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, and other jewelry has been slowly fading away. Presently, white gold and platinum are all the rage, and entire jewelry lines and websites have made hefty profits in providing only white gold and platinum jewelry for their clientele.

While you’ll still find people around the world who prefer yellow gold, many shy away from yellow gold, because it’s too “traditional.” White gold and platinum give wedding rings and engagement rings a modern twist and are relatively easy to take care of in the long run. Additionally, many claim to choose white gold over yellow gold, because it matches better with other jewelry, clothing types, and even a wider range of skin colors than the more traditional yellow gold.

While high quality white gold rings are fine alternatives to yellow gold designs, it’s important to choose a high quality white gold or platinum ring as opposed to cheaper mass-manufactured jewelry with very thin rhodium coatings that wear away over time. While it is possible to have yellow gold coated with a fresh rhodium finish at a low cost, if the piece of jewelry is worn often, like a wedding ring, the costs of constantly replacing the rhodium can eventually add up and become quite pricy.

Whether it’s simply a trend or is here to stay, white gold is very popular in the jewelry industry. The demand for white gold is so high that some jewelers require yellow gold to be custom ordered or specially made. Those with family heirlooms in the form of jewelry have been coating the jewelry with rhodium to give traditional pieces a modern twist. Regardless of how long the “trend” continues, many are feeling societal pressure to make the switch.

If you’re one of the many style-conscious Americans who wishes to stay up to date with your clothing and jewelry, the switch from yellow gold to white gold is inherent. Instead of constantly refinishing and coating your yellow gold with rhodium, it may be more cost-effective to sell your yellow gold jewelry and use that cash to buy platinum or white gold items. Thousands nationwide have already made the switch and funded their new white gold jewelry wardrobe by pawning off their old yellow gold jewelry. Now, thanks to Cash for Gold USA, you can avoid pawn shops altogether.

By simply requesting a shipping label and sending us your yellow gold items, you’ll get a check in the mail! This check can be used towards purchasing your new white gold or platinum jewelry. It’s a win-win situation for all involved, so request a label today and begin dreaming about the white gold jewelry that will soon be yours.