woman looks through photo book remembering loved oneIf you are no longer using your estate jewelry or feel a sense of guilt parting ways with your inherited items, figuring out what to do can be a challenge. Due to those feelings and the shifting nature of the premium jewelry market, selling antique and estate jewelry may be challenging. It can take a long time to sort through all the options to determine the best way to sell inherited jewelry.

Additionally, it may take some time to locate a reliable buyer for your estate jewelry, particularly if you want to get the maximum money for your pricey valuables. This article will help you with everything related to estate jewelry, how to sell it, and where you can get the most profitable price.

Kinds of Estate Jewelry

It is crucial to understand the distinctions between various types of estate jewelry and how they are categorized. Although “estate jewelry” can refer to any previously owned jewelry, it is typically used to refer to jewelry that was a part of a deceased person’s estate. They frequently consist of vintage jewelry with unique elements and patterns from decades earlier.

Estate jewelry is frequently handed down from one generation to the next. These items were created in large part between the 1800s and 1900s. Estate jewelry can be divided into two categories: antique and vintage. These characteristics set the two apart from one another.

Vintage Jewelry

Jewelry from the past century is considered vintage. These pieces fall into the 20+ age category. They are frequently collectibles. Currently, vintage jewelry has been in high demand from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Antique Jewelry

The age of an antique piece of jewelry is typically around 100 years. These are the most sought-after collectibles. Design, rarity, age, and provenance are the primary factors that determine an antique piece of jewelry’s price. It’s fascinating to consider that these objects were created more than a century ago. We regularly come across a large number of antique jewelry from either the USA or Europe.

Reasons to Sell Estate Jewelry

Given what estate jewelry is, you might wonder why you would want to sell your pieces. After all, if it is antique jewelry handed down to me by a deceased loved one, it most likely holds some special meaning. However, there are a few following valid justifications for selling outdated gold jewelry:

  • Some people may not like the style of the pieces, or wearing jewelry in general. When a loved one hands them down jewelry out of love, they’re also considering the value. Not just the sentimental value, but the precious metal value.
  • Estate jewelry generally refers to jewelry that is a part of a deceased person’s estate. These are frequently antique or old items. The issue with vintage or antique items is that they often go out of fashion.
  • Not all “importance” is beneficial. This means that occasionally, the jewelry you own might merely be a remembrance of something you’d prefer to forget. Sometimes jewelry can be a painful, continual reminder of the past, whether that be a painful breakup, divorce, or a death in the family.
  • You might also wish to sell your antique jewelry because you’d like to earn some cash. Money is far more versatile than jewelry, and selling your jewelry can help you earn a lump sum of cash which you can spend on whatever you want.

How to Sell Estate Jewelry

A trustworthy jeweler is the finest way to sell gold, broken gold jewelry, and sell estate jewelry, whether it be antique, vintage, or luxury. You should, however, confirm if they specialize in antique jewelry. If you want to sell estate jewelry, working with one of the many reliable jewelers in the United States or online would is best. The following are ways you can sell your estate jewelry:

Sell at an Auction

If your piece is exceptionally valuable and has a history that is enticing to potential purchasers, selling with the help of popular auction companies like Sotheby’s or Christie’s is an option. This is a challenging technique that typically is reserved to exceptionally expensive goods.

Sell Locally

Selling locally to a jeweler might be a secure option, particularly if you have a rapport with a trustworthy jewelry business. Another alternative is selling your estate jewelry to a pawn shop, which is fast but usually offers the lowest return.

Sell Online

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Selling your estate jewelry in these challenging and inflation-struck times is often a wise idea. If you are looking for a dependable online real estate jewelry buying site, you can contact Cash for Gold USA for all the benefits mentioned above.