Dangers and Dark Side of Gold Mining

Gold is a limited natural resource that humans have found valuable for thousands of years. Unfortunately, whenever there is money to be made from extracting such resources, greed can lead to questionable practices. Here’s a look into the shadowy dark side of gold mining. A Brief History of Gold and Gold Mining Humanity has an [...]

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Is it Time to Sell Your Gold?

by Amber Zhai Some Wall Street analysts are calling it the end of the golden age…of gold. The recent decline in the price of gold—down 17 percent only two years after it hit its nominal peak—has caught gold bugs and small gold investors off-guard. In the face of the recent financial crisis (when it seemed [...]

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The Popularity of White Gold and Rose Gold

Gold is a treasured precious metal. In fact, yellow gold is one of the most coveted precious metals that is worn for jewelry, but platinum is the most expensive. Nevertheless, while everyone knows what yellow gold looks like, many do not know white gold when they see it, as most will mistake it for silver [...]

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The History of Gold

Gold has been a substance that has held constant throughout human history.  The first gold artifacts are found back from the 4th millennium BC, and the metal has shown up frequently in the annals of history.  Gold has featured in every major civilization from the Mesopotamians to the Canadians.  No matter what part of the [...]

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Top 10 Interesting Pieces of Gold Jewelry

Everyone in the world loves jewelry, especially precious metals and stones. Something many people love even more than jewelry is learning about others’ jewelry, and wishing they could afford it. This top 10 Most Expensive Gold Jewelry in the world list offers some very surprising – and expensive –gold pieces. While they are not all [...]

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Gold Anniversary Guide

Although gold is traditional given for a couple's 50th wedding anniversary, of course it can also be given as a gift for any anniversary you and your spouse share together. When choosing a gold present to give to your loved one, you want to pick something they will cherish for many years. Choosing any of [...]

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Cash for Gold Washington

From Seattle to Spokane there are Washington residents who are looking for extra cash to meet expenses.  Though several options exist many are choosing to sell items they have for extra money.  This is a realistic way to put extra money in your pocket as well as take care of some spring-cleaning any time of [...]

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Cash for Gold Reston Gives You Top Dollar

It’s time to get the cash you want for the gold you have!  Cash for gold is around the Reston area and waiting for you to take advantage of what they have to offer.  National buyers also want to give you what you are looking for.  Take a look at some of your options for [...]

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