Everything You Need to Know About Selling Gold Online

Whether it was an unwanted gift or something that’s old and outdated, chances are that you’ve got some gold jewelry or other pieces in a dusty box stashed somewhere in your home. The great news is now is a great time to sell gold—but you also want to make sure you get the highest possible [...]

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Is It Better to Pawn or to Sell Your Gold

With the price of gold at all-time highs and so much uncertainty in the world, it may be the perfect scenario for you to consider liquidating your gold and gold jewelry.  There are two distinct ways to go about this: pawning or selling your items. Do you understand the difference between selling vs pawning your [...]

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How to Avoid Being Scammed When Selling Gold Jewelry

Selling gold jewelry for scrap can be tricky. There are lots of scammers targeting sellers of scrap gold. The economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus outbreak has led investors to trade their precious metals for cash, causing gold prices to fall. Prices also fell during the 2008 economic crisis. If you sell scrap gold [...]

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Evidence of Illegal Gold Mining in Taiwan

by Alex Francis In the Jin Jiu area of New Taipei City, Taiwan, residents estimate that over $235,000 of gold has been stolen from mines in the past five years. The area in question was a major gold-mining site in the years between the end of World War II and 1987, when the Taiwan Metals [...]

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Molecule Could Turn Water into Gold

by Alex Francis Jesus turned water into wine, so could scientists soon turn water into gold? As crazy as it may sound, researchers have identified a type of bacteria that secretes a molecule that could produce gold nuggets out of seawater. Their findings were recently reported in the journal Nature Chemical Biology. Delftia Acidovorans The [...]

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Town in Switzerland Sits on Massive Amount of Gold

While the citizens of the snow-capped and picturesque Swiss village of Medel Valley is well aware that a gold mine lies literally underneath their feet, they have repeatedly rebuffed the chance to reap the benefits of the gold deposited below the ground. The reason for denying themselves the wealth hidden below is that eighty percent [...]

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Despite Protests, Gold Price Remains High

Gold stock prices have remained consistently high throughout the first quarter of 2012 and are expected to remain steady throughout the second quarter. While gold stocks have experienced minor fluctuations in price, new investment funds and steady demands for the precious metal are ensuring that its price remains high. As the U.S. dollar moderates in [...]

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X Games Success Means Big Cash for Gold

The Winter X Games are back, and even though the “extreme action sports” market is a small one compared to the more mainstream professional sports, its increasing popularity is creating global stars. The X Games have been providing an international stage in which extreme athletes can compete since the first summertime games in 1995 (the [...]

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Lost National Treasure

Across the world there are countless myths and legends about lost treasure in exotic locations, but there are a number of those legends that take place right here in the U.S. One of the most famous of those legends is that of the lost gold of the Confederacy. Legend tells of two enormous crates of [...]

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