by Alex Francis

Gold Mines in Tanzania

In the Jin Jiu area of New Taipei City, Taiwan, residents estimate that over $235,000 of gold has been stolen from mines in the past five years.

The area in question was a major gold-mining site in the years between the end of World War II and 1987, when the Taiwan Metals Mining Company shut it down due to the rising cost of operation. At that time, it was estimated that there was $6.8 billion of gold still contained within the mine.

Unwilling to let that money stay buried, locals suspect that people are risking danger to mine the gold illegally. The seals on the mine’s four entrances have been broken, and people have been seen with large trucks and tools. Other signs include a well-worn path leading to one vein’s entrance and a small, makeshift shelter nearby.

Local residents estimated that two strong men could make away with as much as 220 pounds of raw ore in one day.

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