Gold American Eagle Coins

Gold coins were used as the form of currency in the earliest days of the civilization. But the gold coins are considered as a form of investment in these days. Bullion gold coins are especially well recognized for the investment purpose. The price for gold coins has a tendency to fluctuate a lot from a day to day depending upon the gold prices. Each and every country has an official bullion gold coin. ‘American Eagle’ gold coins are the official bullion gold coins of USA.

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As the official bullion gold coins of USA, the ‘American Eagle’ gold coins are certified under the ‘Gold Bullion Coin Act’ of 1985. The US Mint released it for the first time in market during 1986. The ‘United States Congress’ authorized these gold coins too.

The ‘American Eagle’ gold coins are available in different weights of four kinds. These gold coins are available in 0.1, 0.25, 1/2, and 1 oz. The unit of ‘Troy Ounce’ measures the weights. These gold coins are made of 22-karat gold. So, 91.67% of purity in gold is assured in these gold coins.

The ‘face value’ of the mentioned four types gold coins is $5, $10, $25 and $50 respectively. But their actual price depends on the price of gold in market. In the month of January, 2008 the actual price of these gold coins were $110, $225, $450 and $930 respectively.

Gold Coins | Why ‘American Eagle’ Gold Coins Worthy:

The experts of stock market advise to but the ‘American Eagle’ Gold Coins because of the assurance of quality of it. All the grading organizations grade these coins very high. As mentioned earlier, you can get 22-Karat gold in these coins. That is why these coins are best to buy at any situation.

It is important to check the reliability of the dealer, from whom you are buying the coins. This is applicable for both offline and the online dealers. But some times it becomes a real tough job to check the reliability of the dealer, especially in case of the online dealers. But US mints sell these coins. So no question of reliability remains here. You can buy the gold coins peacefully.

These ‘American Eagle’ coins are well recognized around the entire globe. While selling cold coins, you will get a good price from anywhere of world. It is not so tough to sell these coins anywhere around this entire globe.

The charts are showing the upward graph of the gold prices. The annual rate of gold price was the highest in 2007 in past 30 years. The experts are predicting the price of gold will rise in coming years. So in these days of inflation it is the proper time for you to invest through gold coins. Just invest through the ‘American Eagle’ gold coins and enjoy a huge profit in coming days. Cheers!!!