Gold Price Maximizer™

Everybody wants to get a good deal. It’s a universal urge – the one to get the most out of any sort of transaction. It’s human nature, and we all understand it. We also understand that one of the worst feelings in the world is seeing somebody get a better deal than we do. When we learn that our neighbor made more money off of a similar venture that we undertook, or got a better deal on a similar item, we feel cheated.

However, when it comes to selling gold, Cash for Gold USA seeks to protect its customers from that sort of disappointment. In accordance with this, we’ve started offering what we like to call the gold price maximizer™. It’s our way of bolstering the confidence and pleasure to those who choose to do business with us.

How does the gold price maximzer™ work, you ask? Simple. Let’s say that customer A chooses to do business with us and ends up netting 400 dollars for the gold they sell us. The thing about the gold industry is that prices don’t stay constant – they flux. Customer B does business with us within 30 days of customer A and ends up getting 500 dollars for the same amount of gold due to a flux on the market.

Normally, Customer A would feel bad about not waiting for the “right time” to sell his gold. However, with the gold price maximizer™, Cash for Gold USA cuts Customer A a check for 100 dollars, making up the difference!

It’s just another way that we at Cash for Gold USA look to maximize the profits and satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to providing easy, fair, and fast service to our customers, and refuse to allow a competitor to offer higher profits for old, antique, or scrap gold that we do. To learn more about the gold price maximizer™, visit

Silver Price Maximizer™

Getting a good deal makes everybody happy. Bargaining is at the base of all human instinct – the desire to get the most out of a transaction while spending as little as possible. It’s an instinct that occurred even before the existence of money, when people simply bartered for goods and services – and the preponderance of sales shows that the instinct is just as strong in modern society.

That’s why Cash for Silver USA has pledged itself to what we have taken to calling the silver price maximizer™. We have already committed ourselves to providing a profit margin to our customers that is at least three times higher than what competitors can offer, and our silver price maximizer™ is proof of our commitment to that claim.

What exactly is the silver price maximizer™? The answer to that is simple: let’s say that there are two customers working with Cash for Silver USA. The first customer sends in a shipment of silver and gets a payout of 400 dollars. Just like any market in the world the commodities market is subject to shifts in pricing – and right now, the trend for commodities is going up. So let’s say that the second customer sends in a similar silver shipment to the first and ends up getting 500 dollars out of the transaction because the price of silver has risen within a time frame of 30 days.

With the silver price maximizer™, the first customer will automatically get a check worth 100 dollars to make up for the difference in price. It’s our way of staying committed to providing our customers with the very best in both service and pricing. Not only do we strive to make your transactions with Cash for Silver USA simplistic and secure, you will end up with the best price for your silver.

For more information about the silver price maximizer™ and how it makes great deals even better, visit

Gold Price Maximizer™ Levels The Playing Field At Cash For Gold USA

For those worried about selling their gold for cash and then finding a better deal three days later, worry no more – the gold price maximizer™ seeks to eliminate these fears.

When getting into the gold for cash market, many novice sellers are hesitant to get involved, just because of the amount of flux in the system. While it’s a well known fact that the price of commodities – like gold, silver, and precious stones – has steadily been on the rise for the past few years, it can put a bit of unease into a seller. What if they find a good price one week, sell their gold, and then find out a week later that the market has changed? If only the seller had waited another week (or, in the more frustrating versions, another day), they could have made more money!

The gold price maximizer™ eliminates this fear. For customers who choose to do business with Cash for Gold USA, they can be secure in the knowledge that if the price of gold rises within 30 days of selling their wares, they will receive a check for the difference in pricing. Essentially, this means that there is no “right time” for a seller to sell gold to Cash for Gold USA – there is a medium of insurance involved with the sale.

No other company can offer such an incentive when it comes to buying gold. Not only can Cash for Gold USA offer customers some of the best pricing in the world when it comes to service, it now has added yet another competitive edge to keep it well above the pack when gold selling and buying is involved.

For more information about the gold price maximizer™ and why Cash for Gold USA is such a strong competitor in the cash for gold market, check out for more information.