Currently, the gold price in the USA today is trading at the highest it’s ever been and continues to climb daily. This means there has never been a better opportunity to sell your gold, silver, and diamonds

You may be curious about what causes gold prices to rise. Many factors impact the gold rate in the USA and other precious metals, ranging from the uncertainty of inflation, the war in Europe, and even the anxiety people have coming out of the pandemic. All of this combined makes gold a desirable option for people worried about financial stability. 

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What’s Your Gold Worth?

How Gold is Priced 

The gold rate in the USA is a defining metric for how gold is priced. To understand how the value of gold is determined, you have to start with the basics of gold being a commodity — a precious metal or agricultural product that can be bought or sold. 

Outside of the economics of market demand, gold purity and the weight of your gold (measured in troy ounces which is slightly different from baking ounces) are the two main factors in determining the gold price in the USA today

Purity is quantified as a karat to calculate the best price. The general karat value of gold is quantified in the following:

  • 24k: 99% purity 
  • 18k: 75% purity
  • 14k: 58.5% purity
  • 9k: 37.5% purity

For weight, gold prices are set by pure (24k) troy ounces, which is equal to 31.1 grams. Pure gold is extremely heavy, but as purity decreases, the materials used may also impact weight and overall value.

At Cash for Gold USA, we determine the pricing based on its purity and weight to offer you the best deal. If you’re wondering what the price of gold today in the US, contact us today.

Our Prices

At Cash for Gold USA, we price your gold and valuables differently than our competitors, making us the industry leader in providing the best offers.
The selling and appraisal process is simple. Mail us your gold, and we’ll evaluate its value based on the weight and purity of the metal.
Because we consider gold by its weight and karat value, we can offer higher prices regardless of the jewelry’s condition. 

After determining the weight and purity of your gold, we’ll look at current data regarding the price of gold today in the US and offer you a fair price. Our cash payments are calculated in pennyweights (DWT), which is standard in the precious metals industry worldwide.

Certified, experienced, and trustworthy character is what sets us apart from our competitors. Additionally, Cash for Gold USA sales are backed by a 100% satisfaction and price match guarantee. 

Our Appraisers Are Gem Institute Of America Certified

We pride ourselves on having the industry-leading GIA certified assays that will accurately appraise your material and help you get the most for your gold, silver, and diamonds. Additionally, Cash for Gold USA never charges brokers or assay fees.

No Shipping Fees

Once you’re ready to start, we offer painless and easy shipping. More importantly, the shipping is secure, fast, and FREE!

Unlike other buyers, we cover ALL the costs of shipping and insuring your property so you’ll receive more money. To get started, fill out our form and request one of the following shipment options:

  1. USPS SAFEPAK envelope (Insured for $1,000) 
  2. Appraisal Kit with FedEX label (insured for $5,000) with complimentary pickup

Note: Package insurance up to $100,000 is available upon request prior to shipment.

Once your mailer arrives, simply package your items and send it off. The easy, secure, and FREE process at Cash for Gold USA means a higher return when liquidating your assets! 

We also offer a no-hassle return. If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with our offer, we’ll ship your items back to you free of charge — no questions asked.

Prompt Payment

Payment is sent within 24 hours of accepting our offer, often the same day, if offers are accepted before 3:00 PM EST via check or PayPal, so you can have your money when you need it. We also offer even faster payment options for a nominal fee.

Get the price you deserve for your gold, diamonds, and jewelry at Cash for Gold USA today!

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As the gold price today in USA increases almost by the hour, now is the best time to sell your used and unwanted gold, jewelry, and precious metals! With millions of dollars paid to thousands of customers, Cash for Gold USA has been recognized as the industry leader in buying personal gold and gold jewelry.  Our promise is a fast and secure transaction with a price match guarantee, so you get the money you deserve for your gold and jewelry.
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*Prices show are not quotes. Additional factors play a role when determining the value of your material such as weight, purity, volume, market value the day your items are received as well as the costs associated with evaluating your material. All shipments are insured and covered by Cash for Gold USA 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are for any reason unsatisfied with our offer we will ship your items back to you without any hassle.