Cash For Gold USA has helped thousands of customers get top dollar for their unwanted, unneeded or extra gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. Over the course of the years, there have been some epic cash payouts for some spectacular collections of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. Remember no amount of precious metals or gems is too much for Cash For Gold USA to handle!

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2011 Record Payouts

Customer Name Items Payment
name1 Diamond Engagement Ring $25,875.00
name2 18-k Gold Necklace, Gold Rings, Platinum Earrings $25,149.80
name3 Gold Coin Collection & 2 Gold Watches $24,118.62
name4 200-Piece Sterling Silver Set $23,667.13
name5 Diamond Tennis Bracelet $23,459.30

Cash For Gold’s Most Interesting Items!
Cash For Gold USA has been in business for over 35 years buying gold,
silver, platinum and diamonds. Of course, over that span of time we
have received some very interesting items. Some made us laugh, some
left us confused, and some were worth quite a lot of cash!

Funniest Item
In the funny category, Cash For Gold was the proud recipient of a gold spray painted Pokémon keychain. While we do pay top dollar for gold, spray painting a child’s toy gold is obvious and silly.

Most Interesting Item
One interesting item we received was a platinum femur rod, which is a medical prosthesis for individuals suffering from a broken leg. Platinum is an extremely rare and expensive metal selling on the open market for anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 an ounce. Cash For Gold USA ended up paying $7,000 for this very strange item!

Personal Items
There are also a few personal items that show up now and then, bringing in some quick cash.  Cash For Gold has received gold teeth, fillings, bridges and crowns. Depending on the carat value of the gold, this orthodontia can be worth some serious money. We have also received gold reading glasses, but be careful with sending in glasses because most modern pairs are only gold plated.

Romantic Items
On the romantic side, one item we once received was a solid gold rose. We have no idea who might have received this beautiful item, but we bet she was very happy! Here at Cash For Gold USA were just as happy to pay top dollar to the customer who no longer needed it.

This just goes to show that precious metals and gems can be hidden in the strangest places. It is wise to check your drawers, safety deposit boxes, storage spaces and closets to see if there is anything worth sending to us for quick cash!

Cash for Cash (coins) – Most Valuable Shipment
Cash for Gold USA receives gold and silver coins all the time – in every condition. However, in 2010 an American coin dealer sent Cash for Gold USA a private collection of 300 one-ounce (.9999) gold coins. Each one of the gold coins was worth roughly $1,800.00 at the time and the customer received a check for over $540,000.00!

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