Want to make extra money for bills, rent, gifts, or just a bit of padding for your bank account? You can get fast cash for gold and diamonds you no longer want by selling them to a specialty buyer. Here’s how it works and how Cash for Gold USA can help you get the best payout possible.

Where Can I Sell My Old Diamonds?

two diamondsIf you’ve got unwanted diamond items taking up space in storage, there are a few different places you can sell them. In the past, people typically sold to traditional in-person buyers like pawn shops, jewelers, second-hand stores, and specialized cash-for-gold storefronts.

In today’s internet-driven world, however, an increasingly popular choice is to sell to a dedicated online diamond buyer like Cash for Gold USA. Selling online tends to be faster, easier, and more lucrative.

Why Should I Sell My Diamond Ring Online?

In-person buyers still exist, of course, but they don’t compare to online buyers in today’s market. Here are just a few reasons selling online is a better choice:

  • Traditional buyers can only offer a limited portion of the item’s estimated value. They have higher overhead costs from running a store, and they need to be able to resell the item at a sufficient profit.
  • Online buyers are able to offer significantly more to sellers. Running an online business is cheaper by comparison, and they are usually only concerned with material value (not as-is resale).
  • Selling online can be done 100% remotely. Each step can be done from anywhere via a PC, tablet, or other mobile device. There’s no travel cost or extra effort required.
  • Online buyers will pay you for items that in-person buyers tend to reject. Traditional pawn shops and jewelers look for good resale value, so they may reject certain items based on condition and quality. An online buyer will gladly buy flawed diamonds and broken jewelry for their material value.

Cash for Diamonds: How Is the Value Determined?

Unlike precious metals, the value of a diamond is based on more than weight and purity. Instead, they are based mainly on four key characteristics. These are typically referred to as “the 4 Cs.”

The 4 Cs include:

  • Carat: The weight of the stone. 1 carat = 0.2 grams.
  • Cut: The shape and faceting of the diamond (heart, round, princess, etc.).
  • Color: The richness and hue of the diamond (white, yellow, pink, etc.).
  • Clarity: How flawed the diamond is. Flaws in the material make it look cloudy. The clearer the stone, the more flawless it is.

It takes special expertise to determine the 4 Cs of a diamond. At Cash for Gold USA, all of our appraisers have been trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

How Much Can I Get for My Diamond Jewelry?

If you’re selling an item with other materials, the total value will include the precious metals and any other materials. The price of a diamond engagement ring with a gold band, for example, would be based on the value of the diamond, the market price for gold, and the weight and purity of the band.

Why Sell Gold Diamond Jewelry to Cash for Gold USA?

Wondering where to sell diamond rings online for the best price and experience? Here are a few reasons we think you’ll agree Cash for Gold USA is the best online diamond buyer:

  • We pay 3 times more than our competitors. An undercover investigation by a Fox affiliate found that we offer significantly more money to customers than other leading diamond and gold buyers.
  • You’ll have an offer within 24 hours. Within a day of receiving your items, we’ll have them appraised and send you our best possible offer.
  • We make it incredibly easy to sell. It takes only a couple of minutes to request a free appraisal kit. Once you’ve sent your items, all you have to do is wait for our offer. Simply accept it or request your items back, and you’re done!
  • Our process is risk-free. When considering where to sell diamonds online, look for fair practices. Our process has no unexpected fees or shipping costs, and we’ll send your items back (fully insured) if you choose not to sell.

How to Sell Diamonds Online to Cash for Gold USA

Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a free appraisal kit online and wait for shipping materials.
  2. When they arrive, use the materials to send us your diamond items.
  3. We’ll have your items appraised and send an offer within 24 hours of receipt.
  4. If you like our offer, simply accept payment. If you don’t, let us know and we’ll send your items back.

Ready to clean out your jewelry box and make a little extra cash? Get started by requesting your free diamond appraisal kit on our website today.