Gold teeth, gemstones and grills (also spelled grillz) have made some of today’s most popular rap mouths priceless due to more than the vocal rap creations that come out of them.

Wayne grillzThough rappers are known for their bling-filled mouths, the owner of Eddie’s Gold Teeth, Eddie Plein, is the one credited with starting the grill trend with hip hop artists in the 80’s. The artists of the time typically went with gold teeth, or added some gemstones. Since then, mouth bling has changed dramatically and is being worn by people outside of hip hop . . . and music. It is reported that Plein now charges a minimum of $100 per tooth to create custom mouth bling.

Very popular among rappers, the designs seen on grills seem to be getting increasingly more “blinged-out.” So who has the most expensive rap mouth? Lil Wayne reports that his set him back $150,000. The rapper replaced the expensive set with something less flashy and costly before serving time in jail, though.

More than a rapper, Paul Wall designs grills filled with bling. The designs start in price at $65 per tooth. His grills are made with your choice of gold and diamonds, in various colors. He has stated publicly that his own set cost him about $20,000, though he has been photographed wearing a $30,000 set. This puts him in a tie with T-Pain.

man showing off rap grillzSinger and songwriter T-Pain sports a set made with a pave setting of yellow diamonds. His sparklers are said to be worth $30,000.

Designed by Paul Wall, Lil John has a set of grills made with platinum and diamonds. His custom set cost $50,000. His grills are so impressive he was named “King of da Grillz” in a 2009 rankings list.

Also owning grills designed by Paul Wall, Kelis and Nas got matching sets valued at $36,000 each to celebrate their engagement. The couple has since divorced.

Ostentatious sets of sparkling chompers aren’t just for rappers, though. Several companies sell grillz to the general public with sale prices starting as low as $27 per set and going up in price significantly. Of course, these are not the gem laden gold ones worn by the rich and famous.

It should be noted that grills are a dental nightmare, causing cavities and gum disease when not properly cared for. But when you are aiming to look like a rap star, who cares as long your bling sparkles when you smile.

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