Cash for Gold USA National Headquarters

Cash for Gold USA’s Beginnings

CJ Environmental, Inc. was founded in 2005 and initially began as a door to door operation. The Schneider family would drive around, working out of their cars, and purchase dental scrap and jewelry equipped with nothing more than a scale and a gold tester. Eventually, they realized there was a need in the marketplace for a more convenient way for people to sell their precious metal valuables.

The family took a risk and pioneered a process that allowed people to ship their materials from the comfort of their home. They developed special envelopes and worked with the USPS and a brilliant developer to create a system to send customers a two-way mailer. They set up shop in their basement, hired and trained relatives to work with them and dubbed the venture Cash for Gold USA. The company was instantly well received and was even recognized by INC 500 as one of the fastest private growing companies in America.

As the business evolved over the next decade, they took the same principles they developed for Cash for Gold USA and applied them to additional lines of business to focus on more specific niches in the marketplace such as Diamonds USA, Cash for Silver USA, Cash for Dental Scrap, CFES USA, and even Gizmogul, a smart device redemption business.

Today, Cash for Gold USA continues to serve tens of thousands of customers yearly. It is the leader in the vertical and strives to offer unparalleled service and fair market value to its dedicated customers.

Cash for Gold USA Today

Catering to both the public and private sector in the precious metal industry, the company prides themselves on being honest, professional and reliable. CJ Environmental has offices on the East & West coasts of the US, which allow us to maintain a broad network of customers throughout the entire country. We serve Fortune 500 Companies, Small Business owners and the General Public. We have the capacity to handle any job no matter where or what size.

Everyone asks us “How can Cash for Gold USA pay more than other buyers?”

We receive and process such a large volume of material each month we can offer the same refining rate to the public typically reserved for brokers and private companies. Here are some of the reasons that will help you understand why you should choose Cash for Gold USA:

Customer Discretion

Cash for Gold USA is here to help you sell your gold discreetly. We do so at a fair market price, with excellent customer service, and a trustworthy shipment process.

Largest Network of Customers

Cash for Gold USA has served tens of thousands of customers, making us one of North America’s largest online networks when it comes to gold sales. Even though we deal with such a large volume of clients we pride ourselves on offering personalized services to each customer, providing the utmost attention, guidance, and best deals based on their gold, silver or diamond materials.

Price Match Guarantee

We will match any of our competitors’ written offers or return your item(s) to you free of charge. Nevertheless, the service we offer you for selling your sentimental possessions can’t be replicated. See the difference yourself—request a Safepak or Appraisal Kit from us and compare it to the market.

We Guarantee You Fair Payment

According to Top Consumer Reviews, we are rated the #1 online gold buyer in America based on our distinct prices and deals. This is another reason why we have one of the biggest networks of customers worldwide.

GIA Certified Appraisers

We have GIA-certified appraisers that will most accurately examine your valuable possessions of gold, diamonds, platinum or silver, offering you the most competitive price. Offers are completed in as little as 24 hours.

Risk-Free Dealing

Cash for Gold USA offers risk-free dealings in the case of any returns. If our offer does not meet your expectation, or you feel dissatisfied at any point during the process, you can easily request for your valuables to be returned through our safe and secure procedure.

All packages that are shipped are tracked and monitored from dispatch to receipt with the utmost care and quality.

5-Star Customer Ratings

Most of our customers are highly satisfied with our services, providing us with gracious 5-star ratings. For example, Kathleen stated:

“Efficient and honest service. The company got back to us one day after they received what we had sent. Definitely would recommend them.”

We always provide fair market offers, excellent communication, prompt responses, timely payments, and trustworthy customer service.

Impressive! Professional! Contactless!! The Amazon Prime of the industry!

Tiffani, West Orange, New Jersey

Better than expected. I had no issues and received more than I expected to receive. Great process.

AllyMS, Los Angeles, CA

Is Cash for Gold USA Legit?

Cash for Gold USA is legit and offers you the most dependable services and prices in the USA. We have served thousands of customers, and paid out millions of dollars since we started business in 2005.

Not only do we operate in the USA, but we are one of the biggest B2C gold buyers in the world (not many other companies can say the same). Proficient and secure shipping, the best deals and prices in the market, and the biggest network of customers in the USA make us a trustworthy and legitimate company to work with. Once you deal with us, we make sure you receive industry-leading attention and service.

Ready to choose Cash for Gold USA and sell gold? If you still have questions, visit our FAQs for help. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and welcoming you to our family.