About Us

CJ Environmental, Inc. has a long history and reputation for excellence in the precious metal community. Catering to both the public and private sector since 1975, our refinery prides itself on being honest, professional and reliable. CJ Environmental has offices on the East & West coasts of the US, which allow us to maintain a broad network of customers throughout the entire country. We serve the Fortune 500 Companies, the Small Business owners and the General Public. We have the capacity to handle any job no matter where or what size.

Honestly! We Really Do Pay You More…

Everyone asks us “How can Cash for Gold USA pay more than other buyers?”

The reason is actually simple: We receive and process such a large volume of SAFEPAKS each month. In addition, we own our own refinery, eliminating the ‘mark up’ buyers who don’t own one have to pay. Therefore, we can offer the same refining rate to the public as we do to brokers and private companies. That’s yet another saving

Right Now is the Time to Profit from the Highest Precious Metals Prices in Decades…

The market price for gold is the highest it’s been in 30 years. This means that you’ll never have a better opportunity to get fast cash for your unwanted or broken jewelry. Why let it sit in a drawer or jewelry box collecting dust when you can send it in for the cash you really need? No amount is too small or too big. So request a FREE SAFEPAK today and turn your unwanted gold items into real money.