Cash for Gold Buyer Reviews

Cash for Gold is an industry that is littered with hundreds of business that claim to be the “best” or pay out the “highest” commissions. With all of the noise in the space how do you distinguish who is worthy of buying your cash for gold?

Before you make a decision on a gold buyer, you should definitely watch this undercover Fox 5 news report that documents how much CashforGoldUSA, Cash4Gold and BrokenGold paid out for the same jewelry each.

As you can see from the video, Cash for Gold USA paid out over 3 times more than both Broken Gold and Cash 4 Gold as reported by MyFoxDC. That’s pretty amazing considering that Cash4Gold is the self-claimed “industry leader”.

Here are the top two gold buyers that we recommend:

Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is a family run business based out of Sharon, Massachusetts. To ensure their customers receive the maximum amount for their materials, that you get the highest possible value for your gold. In addition, paid out three times more than their competitors according to the MyFoxDC report which you can watch above. When it comes to selling your Gold, Silver or Diamonds online, Cash for Gold USA is the industry leader.

CJ Environmental

CJ environmental is the parent company of Cash for Gold USA. They refine all types of precious metals, from gold, silver, and diamond jewelry to electronic and dental scrap. With over 25 years of industry experience, CJ Environmental is an industry leader in the precious materials refining industry.