Cash for Gold Buyer Reviews

Since December 2022, Cash for Gold USA has been deemed the #1 Rated Cash for Gold company based on an independent review by Top Consumer Reviews. They ranked CashforGoldUSA above all of their competitors.

Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is a family run business based out of Canton, Massachusetts. The company conducts business all over North America. In addition, pays out more than their competitors. When it comes to selling your Gold, Silver or Diamonds online, Cash for Gold USA is the industry leader. That’s why Top Consumer Reviews independently rated them #1.

CJ Environmental, Inc.

CJ environmental is the parent company of Cash for Gold USA. They refine all types of precious metals, from gold, silver, and diamond jewelry to electronic and dental scrap. With over 30 years of industry experience, CJ Environmental is an industry leader in the precious materials refining industry.

  • It was my wife who sent in her gold tooth, and it was amazing from start to finish!! I was a little skeptical that it might be a fraud , because the check wasn’t coming. But it was around the holidays, and so it took about a week and 1/2, b4 the check came. We were very happy about the service we received, everyone was very helpful!! We have no complaints! And Will Definitely Use This Sight Again!!!

  • Cash for Gold USA is the best I’ve experienced with selling my scrap gold or silver.They send you a safe pak to mail them your items at no cost to you. I would recommend Cash for Gold USA to anyone

  • Was hesitant about sending to them but after looking at reviews I gave it a shot. Not disappointed at all with their quick response and pay.

  • Everything went fine it was an easy and smooth transaction

  • Everything was so fast and efficient. So little effort on my part other then just putting my items in a prepaid envelope . The communication was excellent. And i think I got a fair quote which I accepted.

  • So easy and fast response! Had some scrap, broken chains and such. I gathered it up and requested an envelope. Sturdy easy envelope arrived, easy instructions. Cash for Gold kept in contact through text the entire way. I received a check within days of mailing!! Cash for broken jewelry just sitting in my jewelry box. I highly recommend Cash for Gold!!!!!

  • Cash for Gold USA made it really easy to sell my jewelry with them. They send a lot, you place your jewelry inside the envelope, and send it to them. They assessed my jewelry quickly and sent me an offer within 24 hours. It is extremely easy to work with them. Thank you for excellent service!

  • The company did just what was advertised. My items were picked up the next day. I was notified (in about 3 days) when the package was received. I was notified of their offer. The offer was very close to what I expected so I accepted their offer. Had my check in about 3 days. Like I said, they came through just like the plan. Great doing business again with them. Don’t hesitate to trust them. Great job!

  • This company was VERY easy to deal with and I believe I got what my jewelry was worth in today’s market. They paid for me to ship my jewelry to them, they updated me via text every step of the way, and I received my money lightning fast. Would highly recommend them.