Concern about the safety and security of your gold, silver, or diamond jewelry is normal and completely understandable.

Cash for Gold USA has created an industry-leading and trusted system to address these concerns. We want you to feel confident and secure that your material is in trusted hands, regardless of value.

Solutions to Common Safety and Security Concerns

Here are the most common concerns:

  • Lost or Damaged Item(s) during Transit
  • Lost or Damaged Item(s) After Confirmed Delivery to Cash for Gold USA
  • Theft of Item(s) while in Cash for Gold USA’s Possession

Below, we take a look at our proven solutions for each of these in order to help you make a safe decision.

Lost or Damaged Items during Transit

Cash for Gold USA has insurance policies in place to protect our customers in the rare instance something is lost or damaged during transit. Our customer service team will be there to assist you, every step of the way, in the event a claim needs to be processed.

Cash for Gold USA offers excellent shipping services with high-quality tracking options. We offer two different shipping methods:

  • USPS: Our secure, two-way, prepaid shipping mailer is easy, fully insured, safe, and secure throughout the shipping process. With USPS tracking, you are provided with updated insights as your package travels to our securely monitored facility.
  • FedEx: A free Overnight FedEx label is provided for your shipment. In addition, your FedEx shipment is insured up to $5,000.00, with additional insurance available for items valued up to $100,000.00. Cash for Gold USA tracking is in place to help both you and us ensure that a smooth transaction takes place.

Lost or Damaged Item(s) After Confirmed Delivery to Cash for Gold USA and Theft

Cash for Gold USA closely monitored each shipment from the moment it arrives at our facility. All touchpoints, from the moment your item(s) arrive, are carefully tracked, recorded, and reviewed by our staff. Our closed-circuit cameras run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your material is not being evaluated, it is held in a state of the art, secure safe room, also constantly monitored by cameras.

Our appraisal room, has numerous cameras with various angles to mitigate mistakes and prevent damage and theft. It is safe and secure.

However, in the rare occurrence that an item is lost, your shipment would be covered by our insurance policy.

Additionally, we guarantee a return of the product in the same condition it arrives.

Industry-Leading Service and Customer Reviews

Cash for Gold USA prides itself on excellent customer service, and our previous clients openly vouch for it. We have spent years developing the most efficient and convenient process for selling your valuables.

From the moment you register, our specialists are on hand to provide you with the best service possible. We will answer any questions you have about the process and walk you through the safest and fastest way to get your valuables appraised.

Our customer service specialists have one priority: to create the most positive and memorable experience that will make each customer think of us again in the future.

Still have concerns about sending in your precious jewelry? Read more about us (including our reviews), our frequently asked questions, or contact us today.

Was hesitant about sending to them but after looking at reviews I gave it a shot. Not disappointed at all with their quick response and pay.

Steve M

Everything was so fast and efficient. So little effort on my part other then just putting my items in a prepaid envelope . The communication was excellent. And i think I got a fair quote which I accepted.

Dori P

My son wanted to try this out. We researched it carefully. The whole process was so simple and straight forward. We had the money for his gold bracelet within 48 hours of submitting the safe pak. Fast and friendly service!

Chris S

Bottom Line

Cash for Gold USA should be your number-one pick for getting your jewelry appraised and purchased, thanks to our excellent safety and security. It is natural to feel scared, especially when you are trusting an outside party with your expensive jewelry items. You’re likely have a lot of sentimental value attached to your pieces. It may be a family heirloom or a gift from a special someone.

Our safe shipping services, including FedEx and USPS (with SAFEPAK tracking), will help you rest assured your earrings, necklace, watch, bracelet, or ring will not get lost during transit. Once it successfully reaches Cash for Gold USA, your items are scanned in and then moved directly to our secure appraisal room. They are monitored with security cameras from the moment they arrive, so you can feel comfortable that nothing can be stolen or damaged during the appraisal process.

Besides receiving the maximum payouts for your items, the transaction and entire process will also be private and secure. And whether you accept our offer or not, we strive to ensure you are fully satisfied. Our fifteen years of experience and amazing reviews can help you feel confident that you have chosen the right team to work with.

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