If you have been holding on to old gold watches, jewelry, or even coins, there has never been a better time to trade them in for cash. The market price of gold is higher than ever, and Cash for Gold USA pays more cash for gold in New York City than any of our competitors.

We base our payments off of the current market price of gold, and because we process such a large volume of shipments every month, we are able to offer competitive rates that are usually reserved for private companies and brokerage firms. And with Cash for Gold USA, there are no hidden fees—we even cover the cost of shipping and insuring your SAFEPAK mailer.

New York is a busy city, so we make the entire process simple. All you have to do is send us your unwanted gold items and wait to receive your check in the mail. We accept everything from gold watches to gold bars to broken and damaged scrap gold. Whether your shipment is large or small, we guarantee that you’ll be happy with your payment. So don’t wait—sell your gold to Cash for Gold USA today!