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At Cash for Gold USA we don’t just buy gold items! We also purchase Sterling Silver.

If you would like to send us your silver items, you can do so buy filling out the form and receiving a Free USPS Shipping Label. Your items will be insured up to $1,000 and your payment will be made within 24 hours of receipt of your material. If you are unsatisfied with our payment, we will return your Sterling Silver items to you without any hassle.

What is “sterling silver”?

Sterling Silver is defined as an alloy of mixed metal containingsell silver 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper).  Sterling Silver is very common, has been used for thousands of years and the metal that can be found in the following materials:

Sterling Silver Flatware, Silver Serving Sets, Sterling Silver Forks, Spoons & Knives, Silver Coins, Bars, Ingots, Sterling Silver Jewelry (ie. Rings, Necklaces, Charms, Broken Items, etc.), Sterling Silver Tea Kettles, Sterling Silver Serving Trays, Sterling Silver Candlestick Holders, Silver Chains, Silver Batteries, Silver Mirror Sludge, Silver Epoxy, Silver Paint, Silver Flake, Silver Grindings, Silver Printed Circuit Boards, Silver Contacts, and pretty much anything else containing Silver!

How do I know what my silver is worth?

Silver items normally contain what is called a “Hallmark” or “Benchmark” on the material such as “SS” or “999”. This designates the purity level and will also sometimes include the Silversmith’s insignia.

Pure Silver [ .999 | .9999 | 999/1000 ]

Pure silver, less common than Sterling Silver, is designated by the symbols above. Pure silver is nearly 100% silver, however, due to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to smelt silver without a trace of impurity, Pure Silver or “.999” is the industry standard and simply means that the material is 99.9% pure or in some cases, as with Silver bars and coins, you will see “.9999” which means 99.99% pure silver.

Sterling Silver [ .925 | 92.5 | 925/1000 | SS | Sterling Silver | Sterling ]

sell silverwareSterling silver is commonly found in many household items, antiques, coins, family heirlooms and jewelry. There are many symbols for Sterling Silver, hundred more than are listed above, but all of them mean the material is comprised of 92.5% silver. Many of these symbols date back to the 1600’s when Silversmiths from different villages in the United Kingdom and Ireland created unique insignias, which they stamped on their silver, goods for use in trading, and to establish quality level. Symbols range from Crowns and Flags to Lions looking a certain way! Cash for Gold USA buys all silver items and if you are not sure if your symbol means silver, don’t worry about it, just send it in and let our experts make the determination.

Low Grade [ .800 | 800/1000 ]

Silver coins and other silver baring items can sometimes be lower grade and have symbols like those mentioned above. However, just because the material isn’t pure silver or sterling silver doesn’t mean it has little to no value. It should be noted that these items are still worth a lot of money, the material just contains LESS silver.

How to Test Silver

Visual Inspection  If your item bares a silver hallmark or symbol, chances are it’s silver. Silver hallmarks can be found in discrete places on the item, for example, on a necklace you normally will find the symbol located on the clasp. This may require using a magnifying glass, as it may be difficult to read. On Sterling Silver platters, or forks, knives and spoons these symbols will often be found on the underbelly. If you material is broken don’t stress, send it in and we’ll test it using our state-of-the-art equipment.

Acid Test  Nitric Acid is used to test silver mater to determine purity (if any). This can be obtained either by purchasing an online kit or from a local chemist. Simply place a few drop of Nitric Acid on the material. After a seconds the acid will change color. If the acid turns a creamish color, the silver is anywhere from 90-100% pure. If the acid looks gray, more than likely the material is around 80%. Silver that causes the Acid to turn greenish is less than 75% pure. If the acid turns BLACK, the silver material being tested is in fact, not silver at all.

XRF-Fluorescence  To truly know what the material is comprised of, it really needs to be x-rayed using xray fluorescence analyzers (XRF). These machines break down the materials by elements to the nearest part per millions.

Quality vs. Price  At Cash for Gold USA it doesn’t matter what condition your material is in. All of the material we purchase gets melted down, refined and recycle, so regardless of how damaged, broken or ugly your silver items are, Cash for Gold USA will buy them.

Why Sell Silver Now?

The currency markets for gold and silver are notoriously volatile. One moment it seems like gold and silver prices will continue to climb, but the market can tumble in a quick selloff. Right now gold and silver are selling for top prices and if you have any broken, unwanted or unneeded silver, now is the time to sell for some of the best prices in the past decade. Cash for Silver USA is your resource for selling your silver quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee.

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