Even if you don’t have a fancy gold ring or designer necklace to sell, you may still have valuable gold items around your home.

Where Can I Sell Gold Charm Bracelet Charms?

Miscellaneous gold items like gold charms can be sold to jewelers, pawn shops, antiques dealers, on Craigslist or other traditional in-person buyer. Another option is to sell your items to an online buyer who specializes in that business.

Online businesses also don’t have to contend with the same top-heavy overhead expenses that in-person businesses have. This means they’re able to offer pass on those savings to you, the seller. Online buyers also aren’t necessarily concerned with reselling your items as-is, which means they’ll accept broken or damaged gold charms or jewelry and that won’t affect the offer.

How Much Can I Get From Selling Gold Charms and Other Items?

The amount of money you can earn by selling gold charms and other miscellaneous gold items depends on a number of different things. Precious metals are priced based on their weight, purity and the spot market price the day you’re selling your material.

Here’s a general layout of how a professional gold appraisal process works:

  1. The gold is weighed and its purity is determined. Often, the purity is stamped onto the item itself somewhere. If it’s not, testing can be done. Sometimes, even if it is stamped, additional testing may be in order to ensure accuracy. This is completely normal.
  2. The market value for gold is the current selling price of 24K gold per unit of weight. This market price is then multiplied by the weight of the gold being evaluated and by its percent purity (as a decimal).
  3. Based on this value, the buyer will make you an offer. This offer will vary depending on the buyer and their interests and costs.

The best way to determine how much you can actually get for your miscellaneous gold is to have them appraised by a trustworthy buyer and get an actual offer. At Cash for Gold USA, we’ll have your items evaluated within 24 hours of receipt. If our offer does not meet your expectations,  we’ll send your gold items back to you for free.

What Other Types of Gold Items Can I Sell?

Gold charms are just one example of the various gold items you can sell at Cash for Gold USA. Other common jewelry you may have at home that you might consider selling may include the following:

Sell Gold Earrings

Gold earrings can be easily overlooked as a potential sale item. Regardless of the purity of the gold or what other materials were used, earrings in any condition can be sold to a gold buyer for a fair market offer. At Cash for Gold USA, aesthetics and fashion don’t affect the price of your offer. We accept any type of gold earring, from chandelier-style earrings to simple studs with gold posts. If you clean out your jewelry box, and ship us your material, we guarantee to make you a fair market offer.

Sell a Gold Watch

Do you have a gold watch that stopped working or simply doesn’t suit your style? Unwanted or broken gold watches are a great potential source of income. If the timepiece itself still works, you may be able to sell just the gold watch band and replace it with a different one. You can also sell a gold pocket watch, or just its gold chain. Just like other types of items, the appearance, quality, and purity of the piece doesn’t matter. We’ll accept gold watches with broken clasps, faulty mechanisms, scratched surfaces, etc.

Cash for Gold USA also buys Rolex timepieces regardless of whether they are made of gold or stainless steel. This is the one exception to their business model.

Sell Other Miscellaneous Gold

Selling gold isn’t just about jewelry and accessories. There are also a wide variety of miscellaneous items you can sell, from investment-ready bars and coins to little gold trinkets and collectible items. Even decorative gold elements from things like jewelry boxes, mirrors or picture frames could be sold for their material value.

Get Cash for Your Gold Items Online with Cash for Gold USA

At Cash for Gold USA, we make selling your gold charms, trinkets, watch bands, and other items a seamless experience.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Request a free Appraisal Kit from our website.
  2. Use the free shipping materials we provide to send us your gold.
  3. Within 24 hours of receiving your shipment, we’ll send you our offer.
  4. If our offer doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know and we’ll send your items back at no charge!

Get started by requesting your free shipping materials today!

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