Sell Wedding Rings

Selling your wedding ring is a good option if it’s no longer serving you. Once you understand options you have for where to sell your wedding ring and how to calculate the value of the gold and other materials in it, you can quickly sell it for cash.

Where Can I Sell My Wedding Ring?

There are numerous places to sell wedding rings, both online and in person. However, not all ring buyers are the same or can offer you the same payout. Here are a few popular options and what you might expect from each:

  • Pawn shops: An in-person pawn shop may agree to buy your wedding ring, depending on what their customer base is interested in. In order to make a profit, they’ll generally offer you a portion of the ring’s value.
  • Jewelers: Similar to pawn shops, brick-and-mortar jewelry stores are focused on retail sales. Typically you’ll be offered a portion of the ring’s determined resale value.
  • Auction. At auctions, you can only sell your ring if it has a unique feature or valuable element to it. Auctions are suitable only when a famous designer makes your ring or has a rare stone.
  • Popular online marketplaces (Etsy, eBay): Platforms like these allow you to sell items directly to customers, which can increase return; however it also means handling all of the setup, marketing and sales interactions. This can be time consuming and frustrating having to wait for a customer to be interested, and ultimately it may not sell at all.
  • Online gold and diamond buyers: Companies like Cash for Gold USA are not retailers, but material buyers. Instead of taking partial pay or waiting for customers to purchase your wedding band, you’ll be offered fair market value based on metal and diamond’s resale value instantly upon appraisal.

Before you decide where to sell your gold wedding ring, here’s what you should know to help you assess what you think it might be worth.

Wedding Ring Resale Value

In a retail setting, the price of a wedding ring is based on its physical components as well as its craftsmanship, brand and aesthetic value.

However, when you resell a wedding ring, its value will be based solely on the materials it’s comprised of.

For precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, the price is determined by multiplying the material’s weight by the current market price per ounce:

Weight of the ring (X) Purity of the ring (X) Current price of the metal = Current value of your wedding ring

Thus, it is crucial that you know the purity of the gold or other metal in your ring and the current gold price or price of that metal used in your ring.

For diamonds, the market value is also based on an assessment of the stone’s quality. Four key factors that affect a diamond’s quality and value include:

  • Carat: The weight of the diamond
  • Clarity: How cloudy or clear the material is, indicating flaws in the crystal
  • Color: The stone’s hue (and its richness)
  • Cut: The way the diamond is faceted, creating its sparkle

Once all stones have been appraised, their value will be added to that of the precious metals, giving the full material price of the ring.

Not sure what you have and what it might be worth? Request a free Appraisal Kit now:


How to Sell a Wedding Ring to Cash for Gold USA

At Cash for Gold USA, we make selling an unwanted wedding ring a simple, straightforward process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a minute to fill out our short online form and request your free Appraisal Kit. Once it’s submitted, wait for us to send you your free shipping materials. Or you can instantly print an insured FedEx label from home and overnight your material immediately.
  2. Once the kit arrives, place your ring inside the provided materials and return it to us. You’ll be able to keep track of the package throughout shipping.
  3. When we receive your ring, we’ll have it appraised within 24 hours. As soon as it’s completed, we’ll send you our very best offer.
  4. If you’re happy with the offer, you can accept the payment. If you’re not satisfied or decide not to sell, you can decline the offer and we’ll send your wedding ring back to you at no cost.

Why Sell Your Wedding Ring Online with Cash for Gold USA?

Here are a few reasons why Cash for Gold USA is the best place to sell wedding rings:

  • We pay more than other jewelry buyers. This includes other online cash for gold businesses. We will beat any competitor’s written offer or return your items to you free of charge.
  • There’s no risk or obligation to sell. If you decide not to go through with the sale for any reason, we’ll send your ring back to you at no charge. All shipments are also tracked and insured throughout transit.
  • Our process is quick and efficient. Requesting an appraisal kit online takes only a minute, and we’ll have your ring evaluated within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • We’ll buy any wedding ring in any condition. We’re not retailers, so we’re not concerned with whether we can resell your ring. We’re interested in materials, so we’ll buy any wedding ring for the value of its precious metals and diamond. Even a ring with a broken band and missing stones can be sold for its material price.
  • Our appraisals are thorough and accurate. Our appraisers are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), ensuring you get the most accurate price for your ring.

The Key to Getting the Best Price for Your Wedding Ring

The most important aspect of getting a good price for your wedding ring is choosing the right buyer. Unless your wedding ring has a very rare artistic or cultural significance that may interest collectors, a materials buyer will be your best choice.

If you have the ability to wait and watch the market, it’s also ideal to sell your ring when the prices for its materials are high. Prices fluctuate constantly, but it’s possible to follow trends and take advantage of a bubble.

However, if you want to cash in now, we guarantee we’ll give you the best offer possible for your ring, no matter how old or damaged it may be. Get your free Appraisal Kit now.

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