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Popular Coins Among Silver Buyers

United States dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar coins minted in 1964 and earlier are 90% silver, making them desirable coins for their silver content. Examples of these silver coins that frequently sell for the value of their precious metals include:

  • Mercury silver dime (1916-1945)
  • Roosevelt silver dime (1946-1964)
  • Washington silver quarter (1932 & 1934-1964)
  • Walking Liberty half dollar (1916-1947)
  • Franklin half dollar (1948-1963)
  • Kennedy half dollar (1964)

Additionally, 90% silver Morgan dollar (1878-1904 & 1921) and Peace dollar (1921-1928 & 1934-1935) coins are often sold at a premium due to their demand among collectors. The United States’ official silver bullion coin—the Silver Eagle (1986-current)—is a highly desired coin as well, at 99.93% silver content.

Where to Sell Silver Coins

Understandably, anyone with valuable silver coins will want to sell them to the most trusted and experienced buyer. Here are some things to consider to find the best place to sell silver coins for you:

Location: If you’re selling silver coins for the first time, you may be thinking about going to a local pawn shop, flea market, or other familiar physical location. Unfortunately, many brick-and-mortar businesses have high overhead costs, which prevent them from offering you the most value. Additionally, many locations will also charge you appraisal or consignment fees, so you could be walking away with much less than you should for your silver coins.

Reputation: Selling your silver coins online to a private buyer or on eBay can leave you vulnerable to scams. Look for a business with a long history of verified reviews and accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Efficiency: Many smaller establishments simply can’t handle the high demand for complimentary appraisals and quick turnaround with the most competitive offers. You’ll want to prioritize finding an established silver buyer who guarantees swift, accurate appraisals and offers in 24 hours.

How to Sell Your Silver Coins Online

Selling your silver coins online through Cash for Gold USA is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Request your free, fully insured appraisal kit.
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  3. Receive our highest competitive offer in 24 hours.

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Why Cash for Gold USA

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