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The public now has an easy money-making opportunity through Cash for Gold USA’s “Tell a Friend” program. When sellers of gold, silver or platinum refer their friends, relatives or associates, Cash for Gold USA is paying them a 10% commission on every purchase from the people they referred. This is a unique way to realize fast cash during the current economic crisis..

Cash for Gold USA has become the nation’s top buyers of precious metals for several good reasons. One of these is the company’s unusual approach to attracting customers by offering cash incentives that are unique in their business. The latest of these, their “Tell a Friend” program, offers sellers and others a 10% commission on the amounts they pay out to people referred. Here’s how the new Cash for Gold USA incentive program works:

  • People (who don’t have to be previous sellers) simply fill out a short form on the Cash for Gold USA website and provide their personal information. This data is necessary so that the company knows who to make out the commission checks to and where to send them.
  • The referring person then provides the e-mail addresses of friends, relatives and associates in the space provided. Any number of people can be listed; there is no limit. The more addresses a referrer sends, the more money he or she can make.
  • The next step is the easiest of all; just waiting for the checks to start arriving. If, for example, 50 people are referred and 25 send in broken and unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry and receive a total of $4,400 from Cash for Gold USA, the person who referred them will get a check for 10% or $440.00, merely for providing the referrals. It’s just that simple. One lady that referred over 100 new customers has already received over $2,000.00 in “Tell a Friend” commissions.

Cash for Gold USA Buys All Precious Metals

If it’s gold, silver or platinum, Cash for Gold USA buys it. And the company pays sellers the highest price of any company in the business today. People are sending in scrap gold, broken and unwanted jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, watches, dental gold, coins and more.

The company also buys silver coins, jewelry, flatware, tea sets, plates, cups, and scrap silver and

anything made of platinum.

How Value is Determined

As soon as Cash for Gold USA receives a seller’s property, one of their assayers determines the precious metal content in each piece. The value is then determined based upon the market price for gold, silver or platinum at the time the assay is performed. In the case of gold, the karat weight (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K) is a measure of the actual gold content in the item, with 24K being the highest content and 10K the lowest content. The remainder of the item’s weight is comprised of alloy metals that give the piece strength. Once a seller’s items have been fully assayed, we determine the amount we will pay and cut a check to the seller in that amount and a check to the referrer (if any) for 10% of that amount.

Become a Cash for Gold USA Referrer Today and Start the Money Rolling In!

If you can use some fast extra fast cash, then the Cash for Gold USA “Tell a Friend” program is for you. You can taker part easily merely by logging on to our website at : today and fill in the requested information on the short form. It’s really that easy!