White and Yellow Gold

When the triumphant NFL team wins the biggest championship of the year, the victors would likely say that the trophy itself is absolutely priceless. Winning the Super Bowl requires months, if not years of commitment and training in order to hoist the trophy of a lifetime.

However, we at Cash for Silver don’t just love precious metals for their sentimental value – even though the Super Bowl is definitely rife with feeling – we also enjoy putting our money where our mouth is and coming up with an actual cash value. So how much is the Lombardi trophy worth, we wondered, and put our expert research team on the track to finding out.

The answer? The Lombardi trophy is a handcrafted Tiffany & Co. item, which retails at roughly 12,500 dollars.

Seems rather anti-climatic, though, considering all the blood, sweat, and toil that are put into winning the Super Bowl. However, most of those who have ever hoisted it would say that the value of winning is worth far more than the weight of the trophy in silver. We’re just curious, after all.

However, keep in mind that for your less sentimental items, we at Cash for Silver USA are happy to take in your unwanted precious metals and turn them in for cash. Certainly, in the case of the Super Bowl Vince Lombardi trophy, the value of its meaning far outstrips its value as a piece of silver, but many of us have items that would be worth more to us as cash. Contact us at Cash for Silver USA to turn all your (not Super Bowl worthy) silver items into cash today!