Although gold is traditional given for a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary, of course it can also be given as a gift for any anniversary you and your spouse share together. When choosing a gold present to give to your loved one, you want to pick something they will cherish for many years. Choosing any of these gold anniversary ideas is sure to put a smile on their face as you celebrate this landmark in your relationship.

baroque frame

  1. Gold Picture Frame. Choosing a gold picture frame as your anniversary gift is a perfect idea, as it is a gift that can be cherished for many years to come. Inside the gold picture frame, you should place a picture of you and your spouse. You can place one from your wedding day, a special moment in your relationship, or even from an anniversary. What is especially great about this gold anniversary idea is that you can change the picture each anniversary afterward or start another tradition with your love.
  2. Gold Earrings. Every woman loves gold jewelry, so if your wife is a big fan of earrings, consider getting her a gorgeous golden pair. You can even choose ones that have a symbol or particular gemstone that she adores.
  3. Gold Plate. Giving a gold plate as an anniversary gift is a great idea as it can be personalized in whatever way you like. You can put a reminder of your wedding, your anniversary, or even a poem for your husband or wife.
  4. Gold Glassware. Gold detailed glasses, whether wine or champagne glasses, are a very romantic gold anniversary present idea that you can use on this anniversary and to celebrate all the ones after.
  5. Gold Necklace. If your wife loves wearing necklaces, she will certainly appreciate a classy necklace made of gold handpicked by you for your anniversary.
  6. Gold Dinnerware. Gold detailed dinnerware is another great idea for use on this anniversary and the many ones that follow. Enjoy a romantic home cooked meal with your spouse on your new gift to share.
  7. Gold Cufflinks. Your husband will be so thankful for your thoughtfulness if you get him a pair of stunning gold cufflinks picked out just for him.
  8. Gold Flower. A golden flower is a lovely symbol of your undying love for your wife. It will be a wonderful reminder to have thoughtfully placed in your home of your wonderful anniversary and relationship.
  9. Gold Ring. Of course you each have your wedding bands. However, a gold ring can be another or renewed symbol of your commitment to wear.
  10. Gold Pen. If your spouse is in a business that requires a lot of writing, a gold ring is a wonderful gift to be a constant reminder the wonderful years your relationship has brought you.