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So what is “out there?” Science fiction writers, scientists, comic book creators and Hollywood have some interesting ideas. Superman is from planet Krypton, which is said to have exploded as a result of a nuclear chain reaction caused by the planet’s unstable radioactive core. Star Trek visited many strange planets, with all of their interesting inhabitants, such as Vulcan, home of Spock. Who can forget the Star Wars planets Tattoine or Dagobah?

Recently in the news, a “diamond planet” has been found, named Lucy or bpm 37093. “Lucy” is a twinkling star that is posited to be 10 billion trillion carats. But don’t get too excited about all of this bling– it is about 50 light-years from Earth in the constellation Centaurus.

Astronomers have considered that when universes were created, they came from helium and lithium, but they are unsure how there are also extremely high concentrations of gold, platinum and uranium ended up in the mix.  A new study published in November of 2011, has changed that theory. Scientists have come up with some new ideas based on tracking the orbital motions of metal rich ancient stars. As it turns out, a large portion of them are traveling solo in a halo above our galaxies’ flat central disc. An earlier hypothesis was that the deposits came from an explosion that scattered gold stardust into the atmosphere of the newer planets.
Yet another theory proposes that why 1-2 percent of the most ancient stars are full of precious metals such as gold and platinum is because they were formed out of the molecular gas of other exploded stars. Either way, it is amazing to think about how these planets may have been formed, and scientists have endless amounts of theories about why they are full of the metals that us Earthlings consider precious.

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