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Gold stock prices have remained consistently high throughout the first quarter of 2012 and are expected to remain steady throughout the second quarter. While gold stocks have experienced minor fluctuations in price, new investment funds and steady demands for the precious metal are ensuring that its price remains high. As the U.S. dollar moderates in comparison to currencies from other countries, gold stocks are becoming stronger. In a time of economic instability and rapid changes within the stock market, the consistent high prices of gold stock speak volumes about its demand and value in modern times.

One of the major components in the current stock price of gold is the influx of funds that are being invested. Going into the second quarter, the most highly traded gold contract, which is slated for a June delivery, went up almost eight dollars, bringing the total stock price to a staggering $1679.70 per ounce. Another big factor that is keeping gold steady is the waning U.S. dollar. As the U.S. dollar remains unsteady and fears of a new economic downturn arise, investments in gold, which are viewed by many as a universal currency and resilient against economic uncertainty, are increasing.

Second quarter gold stock predictions are strengthened by physical demand from countries that have historically high demand for the precious metal. Market analysts looked to India, the world’s biggest gold buyer, for further reassurance that gold stocks would likely stay strong over the next few months. Despite jeweler’s protests throughout the country, demand from India is remaining steady, which is a good indicator for the gold industry as a whole. While gold stocks are not garnering the attention from the press that they have experienced over the last year, the current economic climate and market analyses indicate that their second quarter prices will be just as strong.

While market analysts are predicting that gold prices will stay strong throughout the second quarter, they are less confident about the rest of the year. While stocks are poised to remain above $1600 an ounce through June, commodity researchers have estimated that the average price of gold for the year will be closer to $1450, which indicates that stock prices may wane in the second half of 2012. The currently steady prices mean that there is no better time to sell gold online with Cash for Gold USA.

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