Gold Coins

Just in case you didn’t find that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this year (or even if you did!), we’re here to help change your fortune. You know that old jewelry that’s been sitting, unworn, in your dresser for years now? Or that old gold watch that stopped working years ago? THAT is your pot of gold!

While those items may be worthless as they take up space in your house, here at Cash for Gold USA, your unwanted gold is a valuable treasure. We make it easy to earn top dollar for the items that you no longer need or want—all you have to do is fill out the simple form on the left and use your free SafePak to mail everything to us. The shipment will be insured up to $1,000, and once we’ve assessed the value of your gold, we’ll get you a check in the mail.

We consistently pay more than the competition, and we’ll even send you additional money to match the market price of gold if its value increases within 30 days of when your original check was written. Gold’s market value has been on the rise since January (click here to read more about why), so now is the perfect time to sell.

Photo by Jeremy Schultz (tao_zhyn), via Flickr